Lione Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Lione
Series: Japanese Generation 1
Allegiance: Cyberton
Alternate Mode: Lion/Headmaster Head

Thanks to Griffin for loaning me Lione, making this review possible.

Height: 3cm Length: 6cm Width: 2.5cm

   An orange lion with a burgundy tail, Lione's body is a darkish orange while his limbs and head (but not his mane) are a light orange. The smallish eyes are painted red. While the lion shape isn't all that fantastic, it's better than than of the squashed Steeljaw. The colours are really nice, even though you'd probably expect the brighter orange to be on his body. The legs are in a somewhat squat position, which isn't terribly lion-like, since they're pack hunters rather than sit and wait predators like many cats. At any rate, it's still a nice lion mode.

   The legs can swing and the tail lifts up - all part of his transformation. While I wouldn't say this motion is impressive, it's definitely welcome, and is enough to make this a nice little animal mode.


   Fold the head down and rear up, swing back the forelegs and swing up the hindlegs, locking the legs together. Fold up the tail and plug into the large Headmaster of your choice.

   An orange head with darker orange on the face and lighter orange on either side of the face. The lighter orange lion's head sits in the middle of the forehead, surrounded by the darker orange mane. The eyes are mid blue and the face is well sculpted. While the profusion might not match many of the existing large Headmasters, the lion theme makes him well suited to the Autobots. There's something very noble about the lion's head motif here,

   I have Lione plugged into Brainstorm and the tech spec meter reads SPD 8, STR 8 and INT 10, representing a significant upgrade compared to the stats generated by Arcana. The colours don't match Brainstorm's at all, but the nobility of this design ensures the combination still works.


   As with all of the Headmaster heads, Lione was only available in Japan. There was an all-white store exclusive version, which is very rare.


   A decent lion mode with good colours turns into an excellent head mode that carries the lion motif over. While the colours don't exactly match any of the existing Headmasters, he looks great plugged into the Autobots and is definitely the most interesting of the four stand-alone Headmaster heads I've been able to review. While Trizer has a better animal mode, I'd say Lione is the best of those I've inspected simply because the theme works so well. Whether or not he's worth the pricetag on the secondary market is up to you and your wallet, but if you only get one of these expensive little guys, I'd recommend Lione - 8/10

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