Liokaiser Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Liokaiser
Series: Japanese Generation 1
Allegiance: Destron
Sub Group: Breast Force
Function: Heavy Mobile Gestalt Warrior
Vehicular Mode: N/A - gestalt comprising Hellbat, Gaihawk, Jaruga, Killbison, Drillhorn & Leozak.

Height: 23cm Width: 20cm (shoulders)

   As mentioned above, Liokaiser is a six-robot Gestalt. Hellbat (right) & Gaihawk (left) form the arms & shoulder blades, Leozak is the chest, Jaruga the waist and Drillhorn (right) & Killbison (left) the legs. No interchanging is possible. Perhaps the best Gestalt done in G1 - Liokaiser's very stable, and almost entirely self contained (the only thing you have to add is the head - even the gun is part of Killbison). Colourwise he's fairly subdued - there's an off-white theme amongst the six components, as well as gold (Killbison), indigo (Drillhorn), black (Jaruga), jade (Leozak), crimson (Gaihawk) & navy (Hellbat). With the crimson of Gaihawk being the only bright colour, the overall effect is easy on the eye. His head is jade and has a lion head motif (the lion head forms a kind of helmet - to the extent that he has lion eyes above his robot eyes). Probably the only drawback is that he's not that poseable - his elbows bend and that's it. But then he's as poseable as most G1 Gestalts anyway


   None that I know of. Mind you I've only ever seen one - it's not like he's all that common. Jaruga, Killbison, Drillhorn & Leozak were released late in G1 in the "European" line, however they were recoloured and without the head (or the two robots to form the arms), there's really no point in combining the recolours.


   In my opinion he's the best Gestalt done in the Transformers G1 lines - Japanese or Anglophone. The fact that the hands, feet, chestplate & gun are all contained in the component robots adds a _lot_ to this Gestalt for me personally. The other thing I like is that there aren't any limbs that look awkward (such as the very wide leg formed by Blot for example), they all work very well as limbs - 10/10. I'm tempted to give 9.5 since the chestplate partners don't attach to the Gestalt but then they can roam the battlefield anyway...

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