Lightspeed Toy Review

Individual Review

Series: Generation 1
Name: Lightspeed
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Data Processor
Alternate Mode: Futuristic Car

Height: 2cm Length: 9m Width: 4m

   Lightspeed is a primarily red car, with a white wrap around windshield, black tyres, silver painted headlights and optional black sideguns.

   A sleek looking car, Lightspeed may not look like any actual car out there, but he does looks like a possible futuristic car, which is about all you can ask, really. He's got a rear spoiler, front & rear fenders and, on the 1987 version, a rubsign between the headlights.

   In terms of play value, Lightspeed's fairly limited. He rolls when you push him along, and well placed holes on the rear fenders for his attack guns. These guns look pretty good, as do the wheels, in fact, which have silver painted hubcaps.

   As you can probably tell, I like this mode. It's small and simple, but it looks great. I'd go so far as to say he's one of the best Autobot combiner limbs G1 has to offer as a car.


   Extend the front, flip the feet up and pull the legs down. Swing the back under the car, fold the arms down. Give him his handgun. You can attach his car guns underneath his arms for this mode, but you'll have to remove them in order for him to transform.

Height: 8.5cm Width: 4cm

   Like his car mode, Lightspeed's robot mode has no shortage of red. The torso has a big white lump on it's lower half - the wrap around windshield. His face is silver, as are the headlights on his toes. He's got black tyres on his arms. Otherwise, he's red.

   He's got big feet since they're the headlight section of the car. His arms are low-set, and rather short. They look gimpish, but the taillights are moulded to double as hands, so he's one better than Afterburner or Nosecone in that he has proper hands, even if they are a tad lame. His head is a standard square peg, which hurts since he has a very big set of shoulder blades.

   Well, this is a robot mode with both good and bad points. The bad points aren't insignificant, but what's annoying about them is they could have been avoided. Still, they don't ruin this mode totally.


   The 1987 issue of this toy has a rubsign indent between the headlights, the 1988 has a smooth panel, with the rubsign indent filled in. I have both versions, and for some reason both have rubsigns.


   A good vehicle mode, and a decent robot mode, which could have better. The colour scheme is fine, but it's hard for one colour to clash with itself. A few improvements to the robot mode and I'd really get behind Lightspeed. As it is, I like him, but I can only give him 7/10. Nevertheless, I'd recommend him, especially since you need him for Computron.

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