Leyland Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Leyland
Series: Japanese Generation 1
Allegiance: Destron
Alternate Mode: Jeep

Thanks to tha phantom for loaning me Leyland for this review

Height: 3cm Length: 8cm Width: 4cm

   Leyland's vehicle mode is a red coloured open-top FMC XR311 (a Jeep-like vehicle). He's got a black windshield, thanks to a black sticker over a red-coloured panel, and he's got black plastic tyres. There are a couple of stickers on the back, which are different to those of Swindle - and on a different location. There's no rubsign.

   You can mount his big gun on top of a hole behind his seats and the little gun can sit on the side of this big gun, which adds some play value, along with the rolling tyres. Both guns are black & identical to those of Swindle.

   It's a pretty standard Jeep, otherwise. There's nothing really distinct about Leyland's vehicle mode. There's nothing bad about it, mind you. He does look distinctly different to Swindle, though. I'm not sure a bright red Jeep is realistic, but realism wasn't really something that Battle Gaia was going for.


   Fold the front of the jeep over, pull out the rear section to become the feet and flip them over. Pull out the arms and put a gun in each hand.

Height: 7cm Width: 5cm

   Leyland is still largely red, although his plastic chestplate is grey. He has a black head with purple eyes while his thighs are black. He looks fairly distinct to Swindle now, but the head and eyes are the same colour. The stickers on this robot are quite different, which helps to differentiate.

   Probably the most distinctive feature of this mould is the shape of his robot mode. He's squat and wide. If he were a human, he'd be dangerously overweight. Oh and considering he's a Scramble City limb, he's got a small head - which makes it look worse.

   There's no Destron logo here, unlike Swindle. His arms are attached at the elbows and they stick out a fair way from the body, to allow them to move, so you really can't miss the big posts on his elbows attaching to his waist. As mentioned, his arms move, well they swing at the elbows, when they should really be swinging at the shoulders. Oh, and you can attach his guns to each fist. The smaller one looks fine, the bigger one just looks too big, and not in a powerful way, more a holding someone else's gun way.

   Leyland carries Swindle's odd robot mode shape, and while there's enough difference here to make him interesting, the choice of the same purple eyes as Swindle was a mistake, for me.


   None as such. He was only sold in the Battle Gaia giftset. He shares the mould with Swindle & Greyjeeper.


   Probably the weakest of the Combaticon moulds, but it's a nice colour scheme and they've mostly done a decent job of being different to Swindle. He's going to be almost impossible to find on his own, and even the Battle Gaia set is really hard to find, Leyland is just okay anyway, even if you do find him - 5/10

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