Leozak Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Leozak
Series: Japanese Generation 1
Allegiance: Destron
Sub Group: Breast Force
Function: Assistant Assault Commander
Vehicular Mode: F-14 Fighter Jet

Comes with LionBreast, a small companion that turns from a lion to a breastplate and also becomes Leozak's gun.

Height: 5cm Length: 14cm Width: 9/14cm (swing wing, retracted/extended)

   A white F-14 Tomcat Fighter jet with an aqua nose & cockpit assembly, aqua wings and aqua tailfins. His canopy is painted an orange-yellow, and he has a black fold down front landing gear (the wheel is solid cast). There are yellow stripes on his wings, with Destron ensignia on the stripes, that are aligned so that they face backwards when the wings are extended.

   As well as the fold down front wheel, the robot feet also form pseudo-landing gear at the back. The wings do swing out, and LionBreast's gun mode can plug into a hole between the engines. Along with the independently hinged swing wings, this is great play value for a small combiner toy, and it really makes this cool jet mode. He doesn't really lie flat with the landing gear up, but it's nice that they gave him moving landing gear.

   Like both Hellbat and Gaihawk, his engines are flattened, being his lower legs. He's got twin tailfins, and white stabilisers. With the wings retracted, he's basically an arrowhead shape.

   The colours work and the play value is awesome. The flattened engines are this mode's major downside, but I can easily excuse that since it's such a fun mode for a G1 combiner toy.


   Extend the rear section, fold up the stabilisers. Flip up the nose, swing the wings forward as far as they can go. Position the arms, attach LionBreast as either his handgun or chestplate.


   Unlike the other quadrupedal breast partners, LionBreast's main body isn't white, rather it's aqua. His head (complete with a little mane) and his tail are white and his legs are black. He has wings, which form the chestplate itself.

   To transform LionBreast to bison mode, fold out the legs, flip out the head and tail. To transform to chestplate, retract limbs, head and tail. To transform to gun, fold in the legs and the head to become the handle, flip out the tail to become the barrel.

Height: 11cm Width: 9cm

   Still largely white, Leozak has aqua feet, thighs and arms, as well as aqua wings on his back (pointing towards the sky). His face is red, the moulding is quite good but it's somewhat masked by the red paint. He has small lion ears on his head, which you can easily miss at a glance. It's a nice touch, though. He has a Destron symbol on the centre of his torso, which looks a little bare, since there's a fairly obvious slot for LionBreast there. Adding LionBreast covers the Destron symbol and replaces it with another. It also makes his chest look quite a bit better, and now aqua dominates his chest. While the bare chest doesn't look bad, this looks a lot better.

   The gun mode is quite cool, so LionBreast's a good addition. I'd recommend leaving it on his chest unless you want him holding his gun, although neither looks bad as such. There's not much poseability, here - the shoulders rotate and thatís it.

   The general proportions are good, and the colours work quite well. The wings look cool, and give him an air of authority, which makes sense since his an assistant commander (I assume he's something like the XO on a submarine - largely there to make sure orders get fulfilled rather than dish them out himself).

   A pretty good robot mode, and LionBreast really adds a lot to it. The poseability is about average for the set. As with most of the Breastforce, it's the little things that make Leozak cool - the ears, the chestplate, wings etc.


   None that I know of, although he was repainted in Europe and Australia as an Autobot.


   Leozak's easily worth getting. The colours work, the jet mode and partner are awesome. The robot mode's solid and of course he's the central piece for Liokaiser. If you can get him for a decent price, I'd recommend him, with or without the rest of the set - 9/10

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