Leo Prime Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Leo Prime
Series: Classics
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Lion

Height: 4.5cm Length: 8.5cm Width: 4cm

   A white repaint of the Legends sized Leobreaker toy with extensive gold highlights, Leo Prime is designed to resemble Lio Convoy. The mane, front claws, rump and tail are gold while there's some red on the front of the hips and shoulders and under the chin. There's a small red Autobot logo stamped on the left shoulder while the nose and eye are black. The colours are rather crudely applied to the mould, which really wasn't designed with Lio Convoy on mind, and while the white and gold manages to work for the most part, the front claws - which attach crudely - contrast sharply to the front legs.

   I don't understand why Hasbro felt the need to create the name Leo Prime for this toy. Granted Lio Convoy is obscure in the Anglophone Transformer marts, but then if Hasbro felt the need to pinch his colours, I don't see why they didn't just grab the name as well, for the sake of those who do know of Lio Convoy. Neither name really sounds great to the English ear, but at least Lio Convoy gives the character something of a history.

   Anyway, this is a very simple lion mode although the sculpt is pretty good for a Legends sized toy. The limbs look like the robot limbs they become - the hindlegs have clear heelspurs which aren't folded away or anything. On the whole I can't complain despite the obvious nature of his limbs, since there's considerable effort in the sculpt - and he's on par with most Legends toys. The poseability directly relates to the transformation - the hips and shoulders swing while the ankles and elbows are hinged, which does allow for some leaping poses.

   An uneventful beast mode, Leo Prime is no better or worse than most Legends toys in this mode. The colours are somewhat forced - the mould and the colour scheme are a mixed marriage, and in that context Leo Prime does better than you might expect. While he's uninspiring, the colour scheme is more than we see on some Legends so overall it's a respectable alternate mode.


   Straighten the legs, pivot the rump underneath the front of the beast to form the robot groin. Swing up the claws and the tail, open the panel on top of his mane, pull out and back to reveal the robot head.

Height: 8cm Width: 4cm

   A white robot with gold arms, a gold chest, grey groin and a blue head with a silver face. The red is again present on his thighs, chest and upper arms. The overall colour scheme departs from that of Lio Convoy now, primarily because the lion's head - with gold mane and white face - is on the chest, rather than the right shoulder as on Lio Convoy. That said, the tribute is quite clear here and the colour layout is neater than the lion mode, since the front claws are now forearm plates which don't protrude. The Autobot logo is on the outside of his left shoulder.

   The Lio Convoy theme doesn't feel as forced now, which is ironic since the layout is quite different here. The blue head I think really makes it work, even if the facial detail is simple (too simple for my liking). There's an unintended feature which really endears this robot mode to me - the mane panel on top of his head is meant to fold back, but you can lift it up to form a samurai's top-knot. While Lio Convoy was never a samurai, this distinctly (and accidentally) Japanese feature enhances the connection.

   The poseability is again tied in to the transformation. The head is a restricted ball joint while the hips and shoulders swing - they're also restricted ball joints. The elbows and knees are hinged and those heelspurs allow for some dynamic posing.

   This is Leo Prime's better mode, thanks to the fact that the claws aren't as disjointed and the tribute works a little better. I really dig the top-knot, but that's an unintended feature. The poseability offers something, and while he's not that poseable, for a Legends figure he's pretty good.


   None that I'm aware of.


   A meaningless character in a way, but Leo Prime is a repaint that tributes a Japanese character. The name switch doesn't achieve anything and the beast mode is far from memorable, but the robot mode has some charm and the tribute is kinda cool, if obscure. Worth his fairly cheap price mainly on the strength of the robot mode - if you appreciate the tribute - 6/10

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