Mini Cybertron Skywarp Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Skywarp
Series: Convention Exclusives
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Cybertronian Jet

Height: 3.5cm Length: 9cm Width: 8cm

   A black repaint of Starscream available only at Comicon 2005 in San Diego, Skywarp's colours match his G1 much closer than those of Starscream. The nose, thrusters and an area around the cockpit are silver while his wings are purple and the canopy gold. The colour map isn't quite that of G1 but the theme is very similar. The black plastic looks much better than the milky plastic on Starscream - I prefer Skywarp despite him losing the stamped Decepticon logo his precursor sports.

   This jet is roughly an arrowhead shape with twin-finned tail that tapers to a single point, which makes this a rather warped pyramid overall. This a vastly scaled down version of the original Supreme Cybertron Starscream, which is obviously rather simplified. Despite the simplification, the two weapons available on the larger toy are still available. A purple gun swings out from underneath the left side wing while a sword swings out from the right side. There's no mechanism here, nor any Planet Key slot - you simply fold the weapons out yourself - but it's nice that this toy has these two weapons. There are no wheels nor any other play value.

   Unlike the other Legend sized Cybertron toys, Skywarp comes with his own Planet Key - and a unique one at that. It's solid black with a moulded Autobot symbol - the raised parts are painted red. The Key was originally meant to be a separate exclusive but ended up being packaged with Skywarp, hence the mismatch (thanks to FortMax for this info). I'm not really complaining - Skywarp having his own key is cool regardless of what the key is. The Planet Key even has a code on the back (sc5t) which reveals a (now dated) new planet map on the Hasbro website.

   The plane mode is pretty simple and does all it has to. The repaint does more for the mould than Starscream's colours (especially his awful grey) did. The weaponry is good at this size and there's a strong homage to the G1 character which I really like.


   Swing out the nose to reveal the boots, flip up the nose halves to form his feet. Fold the rear down to reveal the face, rotate down the tail. Swing out the arms and flip out the forearms. This transformation scheme matches that of the larger toys (with some simplification), which makes a mockery of the idea of a Supreme Starscream.

Height: 8.5cm Width: 7.5cm

   Again based on black with a strong G1 feel. The torso is now mainly silver with a gold canopy and some black around the edges, the boots, head and upper arms are black while his thighs and forearms are purple. The shoulderpylons are black with some red and his face and feet are silver. Other than the feet, everything broadly lines up to the colour map of the original Seeker, which is really nice. This _looks_ like an update of G1 Skywarp. Again there's no Decepticon symbol but this colour map is so G1 I don't really care. The facial sculpt is great for such a small toy, and works well as Skywarp.

   The robot proportions are quite good, and the weapons again fold out from the wings on his arms. There are tiny holes in his fists, even though Skywarp doesn't come with detachable weapons. The poseability is pretty good here - the head turns while the shoulders, hips and knees are ball jointed. The elbows can only swing backwards as part of the transformation while the feet can swing down, which is also part of the transformation but is useful in robot mode.

   That this robot mode is well formed with good poseability again mocks the gigantic version of this design. The poseability makes this a fun robot mode, while the twin weapons are useful. The colour map will really appeal to G1 fans - moreso than that of Starscream.


   None that I'm aware of.


   While he was only available at Comicon, Skywarp isn't actually that expensive - once you find one. As a promo rather than limited exclusive, he's around if you look. The colour scheme is really well done, from both a G1 tribute point of view and as a repaint in its own right. The mould is a pretty good one with nice weaponry and decent poseability. You even get a bonus Planet Key and Skywarp instructions - 9/10

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