Legions Twinstrike Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Twinstrike
Series: Beast Hunters
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Two Headed Dragon

Height: 5cm Length: 9.5cm Width: 4cm

   A metallic yellow dog like beast (I actually suspect he's meant to be something of a cerberus, or at least a two headed dog), Twinstrike has some metallic green on his twin tails, all four lower legs & much of his body. He has four red eyes, silver painted horns on either head and some red at the back of his legs. There's no allegiance symbol in this mode. While the colours aren't a great match, he's clearly a tribute to Sinnertwin (who's a solid yellow and teal two headed dog). Metallic yellow is an odd colour but this colour scheme works well enough.

   Twinstrike's a lankier version of Sinnertwin, without the blocky G1 proportions. There's some nice sculpting here, including the segmented necks & tails, the tiny teeth inside his mouthes and "dog-legged" limbs (a realistic touch that really gives him a good shape). He's very much robotic and somewhat disjointed - but at the Legions size he gets away with it nicely.

   Play value is pretty limited here. His limbs can move around a little but really the joints are for transformation. Similarly his necks can move a little but not in any meaningful way. The gun on his back - which can also plug into either hip - represents Twinstrike's only play value.

   A static but visually appealing beast mode. The colours are odd but have a charm & the tribute to Sinnertwin is strong & apparent.


   Detach & set aside his weapon. Lift up his tail, swing back the hind legs to form his legs & rotate the feet. Pull out his beast thighs, rotate down & push back in to form his shins (these pieces can detach despite being pinned on). Stand him up, swing back the beast forelegs & pivot the beast heads down to his sides forming the arms. Place his weapon into either hand as a hammer.

Height: 7.5cm Width: 5.5cm

   A metallic yellow robot with metallic green thighs & shoulder joints, Twinstroke has a painted metallic green head (of a slightly different shade) with a silver face & tiny purple eyes. There's purple painted detailing on the shins and chest, and a black Predacon logo painted on his chest. The Sinnerwin tribute again comes out here, although this robot has a much better body shape.

   That body shape is actually pretty cleverly done. The dog heads as hands work well & the boots are cleverly formed. His backpack is quite hefty though; the tails can sit against his back & he gets away with that but there's just nowhere good for the beast forelegs to go - they just hang back there awkwardly. He has very stocky shoulders - which is kind of opposite to the tiny arms of Sinnertwin.

   Poseability is poor. His hips and shoulders are ball jointed but the neck, waist, knees & elbows are fixed. There no elbows by virtue of the arms being beast necks - I can live with this fact, but the knees are troublesome beyond being static. While the boots are cleverly done, the joints that support the thigh swap aren't designed well & the pins holding them together fall out all too easily.

   A nice robot mode from the front, and the tribute works well, but the backpack is messy. Again the poseability leaves a lot to be desired.


   A transparent version - sold as part of an Abominus gift set - was released as a store exclusive in various countries. A scaled up deluxe based on this toy was released at the tail end of the Beast Hunters line.


   A nice idea, Twinstrike has good colours & a nice tribute. He needs a little more play value and the knee joint issue is annoying. Nonetheless he displays well & is worthwhile at the Legends pricepoint - 7/10

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