Leadfoot Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Leadfoot
Series: Generation 2
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Rapid Defence
Alternate Mode: Indy Racing Car

Height: 2.5cm Length: 10.5cm Width: 5.5cm

   A yellow racing car with black plastic tyres, a transparent red wrap-around windshield and some blue on the sides. Leadfoot has red and blue detailing here and there, both painted and sticker, including "Rotor Motor" and the number 93 in various locations. His G2 Autobot stamp is on the spoiler, and it fits quite well - far less obtrusive than most since there are already racing murals on the toy. His hubcaps are painted chrome silver while the front suspension is also painted silver, albeit not chromed. The engine at the back is a circular affair, and you can mount his blue rotor on top - hence the Rotor Motor thing. The abundance of yellow along with the extensive use of the fairly bright red detailing plants Leadfoot firmly in G2, and while it's bright and a little gaudy I wouldn't call this an ugly toy, mainly because there are some awfully colourful racing car paint jobs out there.

   Leadfoot is a fairly generic racing car, so while I call him an Indy Car he could also be Formula 1 or something similar. I don't think he's based on any particular model, rather being a generic fusion of common elements. I don't mind this so much since with that giant rotor on the back he's never going to look all that realistic anyway. The basic shape is right and little things like airdam wings and the front wheel struts help, Leadfoot quite obviously conveys the impression we're meant to get, so I'm happy enough.

   The wheels roll fairly well and fairly true considering he lacks axles. The central aspect of his play value is the rotor mechanism, of course. The whole idea of the Rotor Force is that pressing a button somewhere on the toy will fire the rotor. If you wind up the rotor until it starts clicking loudly. You then press forward on the back of his spoiler and the rotor will lift off and fly. It works best if you have Leadfoot on an angle rather than horizontal, the rotor tends to fly further. It's a silly gimmick and is strange for a racing car - moreso than the for other Rotor Force toys - but it works quite well and gives Leadfoot a worthwhile central feature.

   While the colour scheme could be better and the car mode is a little generic, for a small toy with an effective, fun gimmick Leadfoot has a decent car mode. This is probably weakest of the Rotor Force vehicle modes, mind you - largely because the rotor does look very strange on a racing car. If the rotor gimmick doesn't grab you I doubt you'd think the trade off is worth it in Leadfoot's case, but as gimmicks go I feel it's a worthwhile trade off.


   Open the rear panels (including the wheels) to the sides and remove the engineblock. Flip out the robot legs from underneath, twist the airdam 90 and push it through the gap between his legs, then straighten the legs out in front of the car. Flip out his feet, unfold the arms and fold the back of the car down onto his back, revealing the head. Stow the airdam behind his back and stand Leadfoot up. Attach the engineblock in either hand as an oversized weapon.

Height: 9cm Width:

   Leadfoot is basically yellow above the waist and blue below now - the legs are blue with black wheels on the hips and black feet while the chest has some red, including the cockpit. The rear wheels sit on his elbows, which are black anyway. His face is very simple with transparent red eyes and a very successful lightpipe. The colour scheme isn't so successful, sadly. The blue legs remind me of tracksuit pants while all that yellow on top just looks unbalanced. Leadfoot's colours aren't horrible as such, but they're certainly unbalanced.

   As you might expect, there's not a lot of poseability here. The elbows are double hinges as part of his transformation and that's really it. The legs are static and while there's a wide gap between them the bar that connects the feet is fairly obvious. Leadfoot is a fairly wide robot and this really isn't helped by the big tyres sitting on his elbows, making him almost as wide as he is tall (very wide for a toy without wings). The cockpit section of the car forms his torso, which is a nice touch, but I find this is overshadowed by his wide shoulders and the tyres.

   This is a fairly low detail robot mode, most of the detail is on the dark legs and is lost since the bright yellow drowns it out. Leadfoot's best aspects visually are the moulded fists and lightpipe, and the rotor launcher in his hand.

   The launcher itself sits facing forward, and is basically a circular engine with a rotor and the spoiler on top, and the spoiler works surprisingly well, partly because the blue Autobot stamp works well. The launcher works well in this mode, and is really the focal point of this robot mode, which seems a little barren without it - and needs it to balance since Leadfoot lacks heelspurs.

   Again the weakest of the Rotor Force, Leadfoot's colour map is a letdown while aspects we don't want to stand out do so. The wide bodyshape bugs me, and while the lightpipe is great and the gimmick effective, I can help but comparing him to the other Rotor Force toys and feeling a little disappointed.


   None that I'm aware of.


   The weakest of the Rotor Force, Leadfoot's colours are distinctly G2 while the robot mode has shape problems and a bad colour layout. He's the member of this set I'd recommend least, although if you don't have any of them and you get chance, I'd still recommend him since it's a great gimmick which makes Leadfoot fun despite his flaws. If you have the others, I'd only mildly recommend Leadfoot - 6/10

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