Movie Legends Brawl Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Brawl
Series: Movie Tie-Ins
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Tank

Height: 3.5cm Length: 9.5cm Width: 3.5cm

   A small green tank which is painfully devoid of any painted detailing. Hasbro's promotional pictures of Legends Brawl suggest the twin cannons on his secondary turret are painted silver - but they obviously abandoned this idea before the prototype reached production status. Anyway, he's all army green - there's no camouflage as on the deluxe, leader or the FAB - but then at least he's not the weird soup green of the FAB, and the cannons on top are solid, not transparent as on the leader version. The complete lack of colour is lazy - even at this level, but he still manages to look better than the FAB, colourwise.

   While the level of detail is pretty good for such a small toy, Brawl loses too much at this size to look all that realistic, although the designer has still taken things seriously. Black or grey treads would have helped, however. The main and secondary turrets are well defined but fixed in place while there are quite a few minor details such as rivets and the like here and there. The mine plows are vestigial on this version of Brawl and the guns on top lose two barrels each, to become dual-barrelled.

   The play value here is minimal - which is pretty standard for Legends figures. The main cannon lifts up maybe 30 and there are four small plastic wheels underneath (they're green, of course), the other guns are fixed. On the upside there's no gaping hole on the front where the robot head is partly hidden (deluxe) or ridiculously visible (leader). It's an indictment of the leader that they could manage to hide the head totally here and didn't bother on the toy which is twenty times the price.

   A reasonable tank mode with a couple of nice features - such as the admirable level of detail and the concealed head - but the lack of any paint holds back what _should_ have been a good tank. I still like it as Legends go, but it's his weaker mode.


   Split the turrets out to either side, swing the rear up to form his legs, flip up the feet. Fold the main cannon away inside the left side of the turret (the right arm), stand him up and swing down the arms. The head and chest are actually located on the underside of the tank, which is why such a simple Transformers manages something the bigger ones didn't do in hiding the head so well. It's an elegant solution however, since it also solves the problem of getting the treads above the shoulders.

Height: 7.5cm Width: 7cm

   An army green robot with splashes of colour. His face and the centre of his chest are silver, the eyes are red and there's a black stamped Decepticon logo in the centre of his chest (the silver area). The colours are still a little sparse but there's enough paint here to make this mode work a lot better than the tank mode. I'm not sure why they went with black for his allegiance symbol, since there's no black anywhere else (and purple would be the obvious choice), but it's not a bad decision as much as a puzzling one.

   The arms are the inside of turrets and are hollow, but they still have claws and the right one carries the swung-in main cannon on top. The chest looks good, even if the treads don't stick up as such and the head is identifiably Brawl's. The legs and torso are well formed, so while the arms aren't perfect he does well overall compared to many Legends figures.

   The poseability here is probably the coolest feature of this toy. His head turns about 30 to either side, the shoulders swing out to the sides and have ball joints as well, giving them a full range of motion - although the elbows and wrists are fixed. His hips are ball jointed and the knees rotate, while the feet move a little and have heelspurs. Despite lacking knee hinges, the poseability of the legs is enough to give us some cool poses. You've also got a built it fusion cannon-esque weapon on the right arm which Brawl can aim.

   While his arms are visually distracting, Brawl is armed and poseable, which is enough to make him one of the better Legends figures. The paint job works and the signature features are all present in one form or another. This is easily his better mode.


   None as such. Brawl comes in a twin-pack with Rescue Ratchet.


   Okay, he's not the little packet of awesome Bonecrusher is, but Brawl is one of the best Legends figures I've seen. If they'd bothered to paint the tank he'd be equal to beige Decepticon from the same assortment. Still, the robot looks awesome and is poseable while the tank is well sculpted with no head gap and better colours than FAB, so I'd recommend this figure over the leader as far as value for money goes. Brawl does sell with a repaint which will hold many buyers back, but I'd still recommend him if you're a fan of the Legends figures - he's a fun little toy - 8/10

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