Movie Legends Bonecrusher Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Bonecrusher
Series: Movie Tie-ins
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Buffalo Mine Protected Clearance Vehicle

Height: 4.5cm Length: 8.5cm Width: 3cm

   A beige truck with metallic blue painted windows and six unpainted tyres on the sides. There are also spare tyres on either side - which are also unpainted. Other than the unpainted tyres the colours are essentially faithful to the larger version. As you'd expect at Legends size the finer detailing such as headlights are unpainted, although the sculpt is pretty good for his size. I would have liked to see black or grey tyres - a second colour plastic wouldn't have cost too much, although I prefer all unpainted tyres to some grey plastic and the dummy ones (which I'll come back to) unpainted. Rounding out the colours, Bonecrusher sports a stamped indigo Decepticon symbol on his right side.

   The distinctive feature of this minesweeping vehicle is huge ass arm attached to the front with a a giant mine clearing comb. The arm has a hinge midway as well as hinges at the base and the comb's "wrist". The arm extends forward - and while it's not as poseable as that of the full sized toy, it's more action feature than most Legends get. The front and middle wheels roll while the rear set are dummies. All the wheels have simple tread and he rolls quite well on his wheels.

   Sure, he's vastly simplified, but that's the norm for Legends figures. Bonecrusher survives the shrinkage much better than most Legends, however. The detailing isn't compromised really - compare to some really badly done Legends, and the relatively simple colour scheme of the original means he doesn't look half-baked despite the lack of colour on his tyres. The arm is nifty, and beats the play value of your average Legends toy.


   Fold up the arm, swing the rear wheels down towards the front and split to form legs. Split the rear to form his arms and reveal the torso. Position the arms and you're done.

Height: 7.5cm Width: 7cm

   A small beige robot with a silver head and red eyes, the silver paint representing the green-brown plastic on the original. There's not really any other colour here, but this robot still represents the character quite well. The arms don't have the expansive claws, but they're sculpted in such a way that they _look_ folded up, which is a nice touch. The head is well sculpted and while the legs are quite different - being the rear fenders rather than the rounded claw-legs of the original, the overall feel is quite similar thanks to the long, dominating arms and the well designed head.

   The shoulders and hips are ball jointed while there are rotators which allow the arms to lift outwards. As with the vehicle mode, this represents better play value than most Transformers of this size class get. The feet don't allow too many poses, but the arms are very versatile. And then there's the Comb Of Doom™ which can deploy overhead. While many Legends are static in robot mode, Bonecrusher's a mini wrecking machine!

   This is a cute little figure, which is ironic considering how imposing Bonecrusher is meant to look. He still manages the gruff look, but that this scale it's just endearing. The play value is great and unlike many Legends we don't lose the essence of the character in the simplification. Sure the legs aren't too faithful, but the arms, head and comb all work for the character.


   None that I'm aware of.


   At least for now, Bonecrusher is only sold with the Legends Jazz figure. Which I'll eventually get around to taking out of the packaging. This guy's so nifty I was happy to pay the price of two Legends to get him. Both modes retain surprising levels of detail and play value at this size, and the tough look is quite cute at this scale. One of my favourite Legends (if not my favourite) - 9/10 (and he'd score higher if I had picked him up on his own).

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