Lazorbeak Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Lazorbeak
Series: Beast Wars
Allegiance: Predacon
Function: Aerial Attacks
Alternate Mode: Pteranadon

(Recolour of Terrorsaur)

Height: 6cm Length: 12.5cm Width: 14cm

   A purple pteranadon with fluorescent red paint detailing on his head, back and tail. This red is in the form of stripes, and on his back they form concentric semi circles emanating from the tip of his tail, and extend about halfway out on his wings. He has yellow eyes and white teeth. I have serious doubts that pteranadons were bright purple and red, but we can't disprove it so lets give him the benefit of the doubt. Aside from being really bright, it's not really bad. I'm not sure it's everyone's tastes, but it beats a lot of G2 colour schemes. To be honest, Terrorsaur's colour scheme is better.

   Well, as far as I can assume, it's a pretty realistic pteranadon. He's got outspread wings, a jaw that opens and closes and a neck that lets him look down - although the robot mode feet get in the way of this, since they hang (noticeably) under his neck. He has ankles that move but they only fold forward so he can fall forward and not look up. Being from the first series of Beast Wars (well, a recolour from that era), he's got lots of skin detailing - with scaly skin and smooth outstretched membranes for wings - which is a nice touch. He even gets the fingers on the outside of his wings.

   Lazorbeak has limited play value in this mode, but he has good detail. I personally don't mind the colour scheme - I actually like it in a weird way - but the detailing is probably his strong point in this mode.


   Well, being an original Beast Wars basic, he's got an auto-transform. Lift the head and a spring, a couple of gears and some hinges do most of the work. Position his hands & ankles and give him his gun (which lives in a compartment behind his head).

Height: 13cm Width: 14cm

   Thanks to his wingspan, Lazorbeak is wider than he is tall. He's a purple robot with red bits and yellow eyes. He has purple wings, chest, forearms, head, knees and feet, with red upper arms, thighs, face, fists, groin and shins. There's also red lines on his chest, since that's formed from his beast mode tail section. There's a lot more red in this mode, he's a light brighter. I'm glad they kept this scheme to just red & purple - whilst it's bright it'd be horrible with more than two colours. The wings are pointing down, meaning that in this mode the tips point up, and he looks rather impressive like this.

   While his beast mode pretty much sits there looks like a pteranadon, Lazorbeak's robot mode is very poseable. He's got ball joints in his neck, elbows, shoulders, hips & knees, with hinges on his ankles & wrists. All are tight enough to allow a lot of posing, although the mass of the backpack - with wings - mean you've got to get the ankles right or he'll overbalance.


   His Japanese counterpart, Hydrar, has silver painted on his back in beast mode, with the red paint applied on top of this. He shares the mould with Fractyl & TFU Swoop.


   I've liked Terrorsaur since the day I got him, and so it's no surprise that I also like Lazorbeak. His colours aren't as good, though. He does have good play value, too, and is really poseable in robot mode. If you only get one of this mould, I'd skip Lazorbeak and grab Terrorsaur instead, but he's not a terrible toy - 6/10

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