Laserbeak Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Laserbeak
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Interrogation
Alternate Mode: Microcassette

Height: 3cm Length: 5cm Width: 0.5cm

   Not much to look at from below, from the topside Laserbeak is a black Microcassette (60mins) with silver & orange stickers. He's got holes for spools (complete with teeth) and a sticker in place of the window in the centre. He may even have a rubsign below this sticker if you're lucky. He's side "A", which is indicated on the top right corner, while the bottom right indicates that he's a 60 minute tape. The bottom left indicates he's metal position.

   Turn him over and he's red, black and stickered. In other words, don't look at the other side.

   A nice tape mode, which fits nicely into Soundwave, his biggest drawback is that this mode relies so heavily on stickers for it's definition - if he's missing stickers he's going to look bad. And they do have a habit of peeling & curling, being metal foil stickers.


   Fold out the sides of the cassette to form the legs (and on the other side, twin tails). Swing out the sides of the "B" side to form the wings, and pull out the head. Add weapons.

Height: 3.5cm Width: 5cm Wingspan: 10cm

   In this mode, Laserbeak is mainly black, with a red back and silver backpack weapons. He's got a purple Decepticon symbol atop his head, and gold eyes. He's got silver stickers on his wings, which are largely details in red, with yellow & blue.

   He's a pretty nice looking little condor, the silver backpacks, with their dual lasers, rockets and fins look cool, and he's able to swing his wings back & forth, as well as having two neck joints so he can move his head up & down. It's also worth mentioning he's show accurate. Perhaps the best part of this mode is that there's really nothing bad to mention. It's a well made little Decepticon.


   None as such, although he shares his mould with Buzzsaw.

   Laserbeak has been reissued several times. Aside from mould degradation on one leg, causing the tape mode to be slightly out of shape, the reissues are essentially faithful to the original.


   A good Microman-based Decepticon, Laserbeak is a toy I'd really recommend, especially if you're a G1 fan - he's got a fair showing in the cartoon and the movie. He's probably not quite as nicely coloured as Buzzsaw, but got way more airtime in the Cartoon. As mentioned there's really nothing bad about the robot mode and a lot of good, his only real drawback is the tendency for sticker problems in tape mode - 8.5/10

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