Legends Animated Optimus Prime Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Optimus Prime
Series: Universe (despite being sold at the same time as Animated)
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Truck

Thanks to Morkus for loaning me Optimus Prime, making this review possible.

Height: 4cm Length: 7cm Width: 3.5cm

   A red truck with a blue hitch section and plastic grey tyres, Optimus Prime has a silver grille and silver bumper while the windows are black. There are blue strobes on top of the roof with a silver stamped Autobot logo between them. There's a lot of mess - blues breaking up any hope of this toy pulling off the classic silver pinstripes and some grey on the sides of the cab which break things up further. The colours are clearly Optimus Prime, but it's a little messy. On the upside, the colours are more complex than many earlier Legends toys. The idea is good, even if the execution is lacking.

   This is meant to be a stylised toy truck, but there's nothing even trying to be a towing arm on the back, so he's a messy stylised truck with a stroberack. As Legends go the detailing is pretty good, although the legs (hitch) don't clip together very convincingly. He's not quite the mess that the Activator is, but the end result is inelegant.

   A decent effort for a Legends toy, with lots of colours and more painted details than we usually see, but this truck mode ends up looking quite messy. Yet another Animated Prime toy with far more emphasis on the robot mode, I'm afraid.


   Swing the legs down, split and flip up his feet. Pull the sides out to form arms, rotate the upper torso, fold back the stroberack to reveal his head.

Height: 8cm Width: 5.5cm

   Red and blue, although this robot has red above a line through his waist and elbows. His forearms and boots are blue - along with the head - while the lower torso is gunmetal and the thighs and face are silver. The Autobot logo is now on his back while the black windows are on his chest and there's a false grille and false headlights on his lower torso. There are a couple of yellow painted details although the eyes and headlights aren't painted yellow. The overall colour scheme is pretty good here - especially for a Legends toy. It's clear that the colours were chosen for this mode, since it looks very good and the truck mode is equally poor.

   A cute little robot which is well proportioned and displays well. Okay, he has that Animated big chin thing, but the shape is pretty good - better than the Voyager, in fact. There are blue panels sticking out on his forearms, but otherwise this toy is all robot mode. His poseability is respectable for a Legends toy - this shoulders are ball jointed while the elbows are hinged with rotators. His hips are ball jointed and the ankles bend. Prime is more about relaxed poses than action poses, but that's a lot more than many Legends toys get.

   A good robot mode with little kibble and a very good paint job for this size. The poseability is good, he displays well and aside from the lack of Autobot logo, it's a hard mode to fault. I would have been willing to accept a little more compromise here if it meant a more passable truck mode, but that doesn't detract from the success here.


   A slightly different version was bundled with Stealth Lockdown, featuring a silver Autobot logo. Thanks to SilverDragon for this info.


   A good Legends toy, on the strength of an excellent robot mode for this size class. The vehicle mode is compromised, although it's not the worst we've seen in this class. The paint job and poseability are better than we usually get from Legends toys. Essentially this toy is quite similar to the Activator, without the autotransformation. I prefer that toy (for the action feature), but this is an admirable effort. Recommended on the strength of his robot mode - 8/10

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