Landmine Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Landmine
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Asteroid Miner
Alternate Mode: All Terrain Mining Vehicle

Height: 4.5cm Length: 9cm Width: 5.5cm

   A grey car-like vehicle with plastic red wheels and a yellow cockpit, Landmine also has black front fenders and red bits at the back. There's a big grey cannon mounted on top behind his cockpit, presumably to blast wits out of rocks while mining.

   Like most of the Pretenders of 1988, Landmine's vehicular mode looks more like a folded up robot than anything else. It's better than some of the vehicle modes of this group, in that it's clearly a car-like vehicle, but the robot kegs on top and the arms on the sides aren't really hidden. While it's passable, this isn't really a fantastic disguise. The play value is limited to rolling him along on his wheels, but they're plastic so he tends to slide along.

   Better than some 1998 Pretenders managed, but this is a pretty forgettable vehicle mode.


   Unclip the cannon, flip the legs down, rotate the arms down, straighten the knees and flip up the feet, rotate his head 180 and give him his gun.

Height: 13cm Width: 5.5cm

   Again Landmine is mainly grey. His thighs are black, his feet red, and he has red wheels on his shoulder joints and the outsides of his hips. His face is painted entirely yellow, the same yellow as the cockpit, which is now on his waist. His body has a central ridge, the arms fold up onto the front so he can fit into his shell, hence the ridge.

   Like the rest of his 1988 brethren, Landmine's dominated by having to fold up into his shell. He's skinny, his legs are spread slightly, and his arms fold inwards. These design limitations influence his robot mode quite heavily, and more significantly, seriously limit the transformation and vehicle mode. The overall look of the robot mode is still pretty good, so he's not as restricted as some of this set. The facial sculpt is actually quite cool, and while it would have looked better if they'd used another colour, it really helps Landmine's overall look.

   The play value is limited to his poseability, which is reasonably good for 1988, and his gun. His head turns 360 (it's for the transform, but works here), his shoulders rotate, his ankles fold, knees give a little and his hips rotate, giving him some leg poseability. The gun attaches to the inside of the fist, and in doing do looks like a jackhammer or mineral detector, adding slightly to his play value. I like his gun, actually, since it adds to both modes.

   While it's simple and spindly, Landmine's robot mode is easily his better mode. The colours work and the play value's reasonably good.

The Pretender Shell

   A big yellow trunk with legs and grey arms with red hands, Landmine's shell has big chunky dark grey feet. It's also got a human face sticking out the top, visible from the nose up. He has brown hair and eyes, and you can add a grey helmet that leaves nothing but an eyeslit - I suppose you need facial protection out there mining asteroids. This helmet also serves to lock the shell halves in place, along with the grey belt (which I do not have).

   There's not much play value here. The arms swivel at the shoulders, and he can hold the gun in the front of one fist and the laser sabre in the other. The main point of the Pretender shell is that Landmine can stow his robot inside, which is I suppose the biggest feature in play terms of the entire toy.

   Like the rest of the 1988 Autobot shells, it's a big bulky humanoid, but unlike some, it matches Landmine's colour scheme.


   None I'm aware of.


   As you may guess, I'm not a huge fan of the 1988 Pretenders in general. Landmine does suffer from the "fold it up and call it X" syndrome they tend to suffer from, but he does have a lot of good points - the colours work, the robot mode looks sweet and he had a chunk of comic time, which will increase his appeal as a character. While he's not fantastic, along with his comic buddy Cloudburst, I do recommend him - 6.5/10

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