Landfill Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Landfill
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Subgroup: Targetmaster
Function: Material Transport
Alt Mode: Dump Truck

Height: 4.5cm Length: 10cm Width: 4.5cm

   Long before Hasbro reintroduced the name in RiD (and then proceeded to reuse it every few days), Landfill was a beige G1 dumptruck with a dark red underside and inner tray. Landfill has blue windows on his left-side cabin, black plastic tyres and chrome silver rims. It's a fairly non-descript colour scheme for a character that's since been lost in the toyline's past (and usurped of his name), there are some technokibble stickers on top of the inner tray, but this isn't enough to really make him all that interesting.

   Not that I particularly mind him being unassuming - or even boring - since dump trucks usually are. I don't think much of the solid inner tray though, and less of the assorted holes in what should be the lip of the tray. Landfill is quite solid though, and mine at least rolls very well on his wheels despite being a seventeen year old toy. There are mounts on either side of the tray for his two Targetmasters to plug into. The blue Flintlock co-ordinates quite well with the beige truck although the yellow Silencer looks a little odd in comparison. Still, both form fairly convincing double-barreled guns so I'm not complaining.

   Dull maybe, but Landill one of few G1 Autobot construction vehicles. I actually don't mind the solid tray since it has a positive trade off (more in a second on that), although the illusion is hurt by the transformation slots on the lip. Probably the weakest Small Targetmaster alt mode, although this truck still has some charm.


   Swing down the undercarriage to form his legs, flip up the feet as a single piece. Split the tray into halves, swing them out to the sides and forward. Flip up the head and shoulders, rotate the inner tray panels to reveal his arms. The arm transformation is quite novel, and for me is enough to justify the solid inner tray (which has to conceal the arms). The end result might be a little awkward, but I like the imagination in this transformation.

   Attach Silencer and Flintlock in guns modes in his hands if you like. You have three choices - single guns, double gun or a compound gun with one mounted as a block on the back of the other. Personally I prefer the single guns, since both work well as guns on their own.

Height: 10cm Width: 8cm

   Again mainly beige, although Landfill has a lot more of that dark red around. His torso is the front of the truck (cabin included), and is mainly beige as a result. The arms and feet are also beige while the shoulder supports which sit on top of the torso, the lets and head are all dark red along with the panels behind the arms. These panels in turn hang from the beige tray halves, that hang off the shoulder supports. Landfill has a very light blue face with modest detailing. Again the colour scheme is nothing really special, and while I've no complaints about it, the choice of light blue seems very random.

   Landfill's most interesting feature here is the odd arm configuration, which does look a little awkward I have to admit. They sit out to the sides, on their own little mounds, and the arms themselves are quite rounded and skinny, in contrast the the rest of this blocky robot mode. The interesting transformation fails to deliver us good arms, but the torso block provides more dump truck than most later Transformer dump trucks got in robot mode. There is of course an upside, Landfill has dealt with the tray without ending up with kibble - just weird arms.

   The arms lift up, although you'll have to keep the arm panels in place as you lift them. They ratchet up to 90, and he can hold his Targetmasters in either hand. This represents all the play value here, and this is about all I really expect of a Targetmaster robot mode - it's on par with a lot of the larger Targetmasters of the previous year.

   Again Landfill is unusual rather than spectacular, but this time he's a little bit more memorable. There's nothing _fantastic_ here but I appreciate that the designer tried some new stuff here - even if it didn't necessarily work. Curiousity value is really all Landfill gets, though.


None that I'm aware of.


   An obscure mostly forgettable toy, especially since Hasbro have appropriated his name and used it repeatedly lately, but if you like the Small Targetmasters, Landfill is worth a look. Really his unusual transformation is the most notable aspect of an unremarkable toy, though his Targetmasters are good as the smaller ones go. Not worth searching all over for, but if you stumble across him as I did, he's worth a few dollars if only for the unusual design - 4.5/10

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