Landcross Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Landcross
Series: Japanese Generation 1
Allegiance: Cybertron
Function: Multi-Warrior Gestalt
Alternate Mode: N/A - Gestalt comprising Dash, Tacker, Mach, Tackle, Wing & Waver.

Height: 23cm Width: 18cm

   A huge Gestalt considering the size of his components, Landcross is a lanky combination of six small components, or a blend of three larger components, depending on how you look at it. Including Landcross himself and the individual small robots, there are thirty-seven different permutations, but I'll concentrate on the combined mode here. Incidentally, the six components combine to form Landcross in a fixed scheme. You can interchange the leg components, but it wont look right.

   Landcross fits the standard six member configuration, with Dash as the right arm, Mach as the left, Tacker as the right leg and Tackle as the left leg, white Wing is the central torso and Waver the lower torso and thighs. There aren't any connecting pieces, the components all connect to each other, but Landcross does have add on pieces - the fists, footplates, head and chestplate are all black (dark charcoal on the reissue), the groinplate is blue. The gun is actually formed from the six component handguns which is cool, and the chestplate is Mach's shuttle mode wings. The face is silver with yellow eyes and has a nice sculpt, complete with the heroic chin and lips. The eyes are a richer yellow on the reissue, the original has a greenish tinge.

   The chestplate has twin Autobot logos on either side, which are on gold stickers (with white outline) on the original and on yellow stickers (no outline) on the reissue. The centre of the chest is painted gold, the reissue has a lighter gold paint and there's some chrome red present also.

   MachTackle effectively becomes the left side, DashTacker the right and WingWaver the central section, although both Wing and Waver are hidden behind the plates - Wing is almost totally hidden. The overall colour scheme works quite well, although the switch from vermilion to orange plastic on Tackle for the reissue hurts a little. Still, the fact they've avoided any weird colours and allow white and black to dominate means he looks good overall. He shares a similar body shape with Superion, aside from being lanky like Superion, he also has the broad shoulders that the Aerialbot Gestalt has. In fact, Landcross has big shoulderpads formed from the front sides of Dash's car mode and Mach's shuttle mode.

   Poseability is so-so. The arms rotate on two axes at the elbows, but since they effectively connect to the torso at the elbows (with unmovable shoulders detached from forearms), you can't do much other than lift the forearms without making the arms look weird. The hips also rotate on two axes, the first means he can do the splits, the second allows his legs to swing, which does give some poseability, although the lack of knee joints and big flat feet mean stable standing poses are limited. Still, the fact he _has_ leg poseability is better than most Gestalts.


   As mentioned, he has been reissued. The original release was in 1989, the reissue in 2004 is most easily identified by the switch from vermilion to orange for Tackle's primary colour, as well as stamped Autobot symbols being added to the paint masks for the individual toys. For a more complete rundown on differences, see my reviews of the three component sets.

   The original was sold either as a giftset or as three "Standard" combinations - DashTacker, WingWaver and MachTackle - I got my set in the latter packaging. The reissue was sold as individual toys in trading boxes, which included chase black versions - which are almost entirely black save for most of the gestalt parts - all but the groin are a charcoal colour. The black version has gold eyes on an unpainted face, and red Autobot logo stickers on the chest.


   Landcross really fits the original meaning of the word Gestalt - greater than the sum of parts. His combined robot mode itself is nice, although there are better Gestalts out there, but his real strength is in what you can _do_ with all six components together. The mixing and matching of the components is fun, and provides for some interesting combinations - including TackleWaver, who has gained a degree of infamy amongst Australian Transfans. None of the individual toys are awesome, but when you bring together the entire Multiforce, forming Landcross is only part of the fun - 8/10

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