Krok Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Krok
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Foot Soldier
Alt Mode: None, formerly some sort of ship

Height: 10cm Width: 4.5cm

   Mostly a mix of very dark grey and a blue that borders on purple, with some fluorescent yellow on his thighs and head, Krok's fluorescent yellow contrasts nicely with the darker colours than dominate him, so as silly as fluorescent is, it actually works for him. The top of his head is a silver helmet-like affair, which resembles an indoor cyclist's helmet, his mouthplate is also silver while his crest and eyes are hot pink, along with the centre of his waist and some windows on his chest. Krok wears a Decepticon badge on his right shoulder, rounding out a surprisingly well done colour scheme considering he's one of the Actionmasters with that yellow plastic.

   There's no apparent reason why this guy was called Krok, and the alt mode is fairly weakly implied. The only real clue we get is the horseshoe of small pink windows on his chest - a bridge of some sort of ship. It's difficult to really say whether he was naval or interstellar however. There are curves on his arms that suggest a nautical past but the colours tend to make me think he was a spaceship. At any rate, there's enough alt mode stuff around to keep things interesting here.

   The gun is fluorescent yellow - I would have preferred it charcoal like the body of Gatorider, his sidekick. It doesn't ruin the aesthetic but is far from his best feature.

   Poseability is identical to that of every other Actionmaster - the head turns, the shoulders rotate, the knees bend and the hips are G.I.Joe style ball joints based on an internal metal T.


   Aside from riding pretty close to a soft drink copyright infringement, Gatorider is clearly the inspiration for Krok's otherwise random name. A charcoal alligator with four yellow legs. He has moulded teeth, eyes, scales and tailspines. The legs to do not move there's no real poseability but them he's an alligator and they don't do much other than crawl - I'm not sure an attempt at poseability would have been worth it.

   There's a little yellow button at the base of the tail. Pressing back on it will rotate the head into barrel mode, allowing you to attach the yellow handgun. Fold over the tail to form a handle and you've got a big gun for Krok. As Actionmaster guns go it's fairly good. The gun looks quite nice and doesn't get in the way, but you'll have to lean Krok backwards if you want him to hold this front-heavy cannon.


   None that I know of. Mine is Belgian though, so his card is in French and Flemish (c8


   A decent Actionmaster with nice colours and some nifty features like the bridge on his chest and helmet. Gatorider is solid but unspectacular and his main contribution is the reason for the name Krok. I'll admit really like Krok as Actionmasters go, but I can see he's really a toy for the Actionmaster fans - 7.5/10 for Krok, 6/10 for Gatorider

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