Generations Select Kraken Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Kraken (AKA Seawing)
Series: Generations Select
Allegiance: Destron
Alternate Mode: Manta Ray Monster

Height: 6cm Length: 17cm Width: 17cm (height depends on pose)

   An aqua and black bipedal manta ray monster, Kraken has grey wings and some grey on top of his head. His eyes are yellow, and there's a purple Destron logo on top of his head. Overall, it's a coherent colour scheme that's faithful to his G1 toy.

   This manta ray mode is far less of a brick than G1 - he's far lither and there's more clearance underneath. the sculpt is - overall - more detailed, and while the wings are very intricate the bank end (just before his tail proper) is notably sparse on detail - I don't mind this, but there's quite a contrast. One aspect that I would call a shortcoming is the gaps between the centre and sides of his head (which are the robot arms). I hesitate to actually call this a flaw given that he's a robot manta ray monster with legs. Why can't he have gaps there? They're not a feature of the G1 toy is all - though I like that the intended shape of his head (which os broadly accurate to a manta ray) has been duplicated here, despite a very different transformation.

   Play value here is pretty good. His wings are hinged so they can flap (as manta rays do when swimming), while his legs swing at the hips and have hinged knees. His black and aqua handgun can plug in to a hole on top of his head or the various holes on his wings, while the twin black guns can plug under the wings in top spots or on top of the wings. They can also plug into holes on either side of his tail (which I'm quite partial to as it gives the back end of the animal some more detail). I'm not really a fan of placing his single gun on top of his head as it covers his faction symbol and ... well his head - there's no other single hole it can plug into - I guess we can tuck it under a wing asymmetrically.

   A nicely sculpted manta ray monster, I really like how Kraken's head has been fashioned to resemble the G1 toy. His twin weapons give him some good play value, but I wish there was somewhere other than the top of his head for the single gun.


   Detach and set aside his weapons (you can actually leave them attached to the wings). Fold his tail up on top, split the rear and and pivot back to form his boots. Swing the beast legs down and the feet _up_, they'll sit neatly against his boots thanks to small guiding tabs. Unclip his arms on either side of the beast head, unclip the sides of what remains and fold the centre down to form his robot chest. Fold the chestplate itself down, swing up the robot head and then fold the chestplate back, clipping the sides back into place. Swing out his fists, position his arms. The wings sweep back 45 degrees (there's a slight ratchet to their hinges) and rotated up one notch. Attach weaponry as desired and you're done.

Height: 14cm Width: 14cm (depending on posing of wings)

   An aqua and black robot - the black is mostly his boots, forearms and wings, with the grey now relegated to his head. Kraken has a silver face with yellow eyes - along with yellow kneecaps. The Destron logo is now central on his chest, which protrudes a fair bit... though not to the extend where he looks awkward like... a G1 Seacon. It's a nice colour schemes though there's a lot less grey here than G1 (there are some outbursts on his chest, but the G1 toy has a grey torso). In truth, the added colour on his chest is a good thing - this is a great Seacon colour scheme.

   With a detailed paint job, plenty of sculpted details and majestic looking wings, this is a great looking robot mode. His head isn't a square peg (which I actually don't mind on these figures) and has more personality than the rather generic G1 head. While the beast legs sit on the outside of his boots, they're black and fold away neatly, and it's the only kibble here. My only complaint is that his fists sit on 70 degree or so angle to his forearms rather than swinging all the way out.

   Kraken's poseability is essentially standard Combiner Wars. His neck, shoulders and hips are ball jointed while his elbows and knees are hinged with rotators. His waist turns, he has no ankle tilts. You can pose the wings, if you want to. The guns can all fit in his hands or on the various spots on his wings. The black guns don't combine, but look pretty good plugged into his wings - pointing up. The two black guns can plug into posts on either side of the aqua one... and he can happily hold this combined gun. He also has a pinkish blade weapon, which works well enough in either hand (it's part of King Poseidon's sword).

   I don't like the angle his hands are on... but everything else here is great. His colours work and visually, he's a massive improvement on G1. The guns are useful - and they combine. What's more, he's got three of them so you can always cover his hands with the guns. Poseability is good and while he doesn't have ankle tilts, he's quite stable. I suppose the hollow (on the inside side) boots would also count as a flaw - visible in some dynamic poses - but he's black so it's not really prominent.


   None that I'm aware of. He will be repainted as Terrormander.


   A very nice figure, overall. Well painted, well sculpted, plenty of play value for a deluxe and he comes with three guns. What's more, he's a huge upgrade on G1 Seawing - even allowing for the different toy technologies of the eras. The poseability is good in both modes. The hands are on an odd angle and I wish there was another hole for the aqua gun in manta ray mode.. but these are quibbles - 9/10

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