Landslide vs Kobushi Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Landslide
Series: Cybertron
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Excavator

Height: 3.5cm Length: 8cm Width: 2cm

   A yellow, grey and tan excavator, Landslide features a big conveyor, a big bucket-loaded wheel and a small cabin for the driver. The dark grey cabin is on the left hand side of the conveyor and is quite small. Considering its size this guy is a big vehicle - as conveyor-based excavators tend to be, anyway. In fact he'd be bigger than most non-Minicon Armada toys. He's a repaint of Armada's Buzzsaw, and while the colours have all been swapped around, both use yellow and grey extensively. There is a red Autobot logo stamped on the end of the conveyor.

   Landslide features a grey conveyor which is grey at the front and yellow at the back - the opposite of Buzzsaw. The wheel at the back is tan. There is clearance between the rubberised wheel and the treads, but it rolls fairly rough. There are a few pieces which don't quite clip together properly on my Landslide, which I suspect is due to mould degradation.

   While the gimmick is nice, the mould degradation lessens the appeal - on mine at least. The colours are swapped around but are still pretty similar to those of Buzzsaw, so while the vehicle mode is still interesting, it's less compelling than that of the original.


   Fold the treads back and then separate the front and back halves of the conveyor and fold them down. The yellow half has to be swung up at the shoulder joint. Position both arms as desired - slightly forward will help him stand. Fold up the chest plate, turn the head 180 degrees and swing out the feet. Pretty involved for a toy this size. Easy enough once you get the hang of it, but satisfying enough.

Height: 5.5cm Width: 5cm

   As you can probably guess from the dimensions above, Landslide is pretty stocky. The left arm, which is yellow, has a nice big bucket wheel at the end, while the right arm, which is grey, has an unpainted fist at the end, featuring that Autobot logo (which actually distracts you from the moulded fist detailing). The head is tan with a dark grey face, the chest is tan with dark grey painted details. The chest panel is a nice touch. It's sole reason for being there is to cover up gears and other gimmick mechanisms. Hasbro probably could have gotten away with leaving them exposed, but didn't, deciding to add the chest panel, which looks about five times better than the gears would have. The legs are the grey treads with tan feet. The colours are notably brighter than those of Buzzsaw this time.

   Landslide has eight points of articulation as a robot, not including the axis on which the wheel spins. His head and waist both swivel, his shoulders and hips swing and his feet can swing down - which can help posing, I suppose. With legs made of treads, he has no knees to speak of, nor does he have elbows, actually. So he stands at attention looking imposing, although mould degradation in the hips and ankles makes mine tricky to stand.


   As mentioned, he is a repaint of Armada's Buzzsaw.


   A good Minicon mould, but mine just doesn't fit together very well. The gimmick still works well enough, but this one is too similar to the original, with introduced problems. Not a repaint I can recommend - 4/10
Name: Kobushi
Series: Cybertron
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Dune Buggy

Height: 3cm Length: 6cm Width: 3.5cm

   An indigo dune buggy with a giant fluorescent green cannon on the back, the kind you'd expect in desert combat (although probably not in these colours!). Kobushi has grey ridged wheels and a green rollcage with green barrels on his cannon and metallic white seats buried underneath the rollcage. This repaint is pretty wild, which isn't helped by the addition of silver painted details here and there. The Decepticon symbol stamped in silver _over_ the Minicon symbol on the cannon looks pretty stupid. At least the name (which is a Japanese term for a wise old man) is unique, I guess. Kobushi's colours really bring nothing to the mould, and don't make any sense for a dune buggy.

   On the front of the rollcage Kobushi has moulded headlights, and there's a few other moulded details that impress me like taillights. The Powerlinx port is underneath the buggy, right at the back.

   Kobushi's rollcage can swing up, and while it's needed for his transformation it's still play value. There's a rubber wheel underneath, if you roll him along with a little bit of downward pressure it'll cause the barrels of the cannon to swing side to side repeatedly. The cannon can rotate right around, and the gimmick will work regardless of where it's pointed, which is really cool. What's not so cool is that rotating the cannon will reveal his robot face, but you can hide it again by spinning it around so you see the powerlinx port instead.

   It's a good mould with a great gimmick, and while the metallic white paint is noteworthy, the end result is not. Like Buzzsaw, this isn't a set of colours which does much for the mould.


   Flip the front out to form the robot legs. You're meant to lift the rollcage first, but you don't have to - the legs will push it out of the way naturally. The kneecaps will also push out automatically. Rotate his head around, stand him up and position the arms. This transformation reminds me a lot of Beachcomber, the first TF dune buggy.

Height: 6.5cm Width: 3.5cm

   Kobushi is now mainly Indigo, but this is spiced up by a silver face with a red eyestrip, green thighs, the green gear and black tyre on his chest, white feet, grey arms and silver knees. There's enough breaking up the indigo to keep Kobushi interesting, but the colours don't mesh that well. Still, this mode can get away with indigo better than his buggy mode.

   Kobushi has a very simple, almost droid-like, face, and the mechanisms on his chest give him a mechanical look. Despite these, he still has personality. Kobushi's most distinctive feature in this mode is his pointy kneecaps. Remember how the flipping legs necessitated gaps on Beachcomber's hood? Kobushi gets around this problem with panels that pop up to become rather pointy kneecaps. They cover half of his thighs and look a little unusual, but you wouldn't want to let him get you in a headlock!

   Poseability is pretty good for a Minicon with a gimmick. His shoulders rotate and his head turns. The hips and knees are independently hinged, and while you have to be careful if you want to put him in action poses, the rollcage can act as a third leg so you do have some options.

   This is Kobushi's better mode, and while the colours are still fairly random, they don't work against him here. They don't bring much to the mould, but don't contradict him like in vehicle mode.


   A repaint of Armada's Duneraider.


   A good mould largely wasted in these colours. The choices of paint applications aren't so great, but what really does Kobushi in is the dumb choices of indigo and fluorescent green on a dune buggy. They don't work especially well together anyway, but in this case they're ridiculous. The mould _is_ nice, but there are better versions out there - 5/10

   Two poor repaints of good moulds, and while Landslide's colours are okay, Kobushi's are bad. Sadly, Landslide has mould degradation issues, so neither of these toys really does the mould justice. I'd recommend tracking down the Armada versions instead, since neither of these really satisfy - 4.5/10

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