Kirk Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Kirk
Series: Japanese Generation 1
Allegiance: Cyberton
Alternate Mode: Robot/Headmaster Head

Thanks to Griffin for loaning me Kirk, making this review possible.

Height: 5cm Width: 2.5cm

   A light grey and magenta robot similar to a standard large Headmaster Head such as Arcana. Kirk has a grey torso and head with magenta limbs and an orange painted face. There's not really anything that special about Kirk's robot compared to the regular guys - even accounting for the fact that his arms and legs use a different mould than that used by the normal guys. His head is very square and his legs slightly less boxy than those of the others, but otherwise he's pretty much non-descript. His arms lift up and his hips swing, allowing him to sit down.


   As with the standard Headmasters, you fold his legs forward and up and flip over his back panel to reveal the face.

   A grey head with an orange face which is quite similar to the standard faces, albeit with better detail than some of the Autobot heads. The panel has a large crest on it, which is probably the only distinctive feature of this head. The grey allows Kirk to work fairly well with most of the large Headmasters.

   I have Kirk plugged into Brainstorm and the tech spec meter reads SPD 9, STR 10 and INT 8, representing a significant upgrade compared to the stats generated by Arcana. The colours are quite similar to those provided by Arcana, although darker.


   As with all of the Headmaster heads, Kirk was only available in Japan. There was an all-white store exclusive version, which is very rare.


   Rarity is the most noteworthy aspect of this figure. While he _is_ different to the bundled Headmaster heads, the mould differences aren't really enough to make him all that special. The colours are quite generic which actually allows him to co-ordinate with most Headmasters - this is actually a plus in head mode but something of a negative in robot mode. I can't really recommend this figure simply because you get so little for your money - 4/10

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