Generations Select King Poseidon Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: King Poseidon
Series: Generations Select
Allegiance: Destron
Alternate Mode: N/A - Gestalt comprising Gulf (Skalor), Kraken (Seawing), Lobclaw (Nautilator), Overbite, Tentakil & Turtler (Snaptrap).

Height: 32cm Width: 22cm (exact dimensions will vary according to pose & configuration).

   A mix of magenta, turquoise, black, grey, blue, pink and purple. The torso - Turtler - is mostly magenta with a turquoise chest plate and head, while he sports his signature chrome silver wings sticking up on either side of the chestplate & black cannons behind his head. His mouth plate is gunmetal while his eyes are yellow & there's a purple Destron logo on his chest. The hands and feet are black with three magenta toes per foot. The limbs are a mixture of the various colours, with lots of turquoise and limited purple. Aside from the face no longer being black, the colours are a good match to his G1 self.

   The standard configuration is Gulf as the right leg, Tentakil as the left left, Lobclaw as the right arm, Kraken as the left arm and Overbite as the handheld Target Master gun. Lobclaw and Kraken actually make poor legs anyway, thanks to extensive kibble that would sit on the back, but all five "limb" bots can form arms, legs or the weapon.

   The head, chest and cannons are integral parts of Turtler, so the only add-on bits are the hands and feed. Since the limbs each come with a hand (yes, you get 5!), you can plug hands into holes on the back of the feet as additional heelspurs - although I don't think they anchor well enough to really add any stability. The giant metallic pink sword is formed from six pieces that come with each component - Turtler's sword is the core, and works well enough on it's own if you just use it.

   Typical of Combiner Wars gestalts, the limbs are quite chunky and the his arms are long. Whichever component you use as the "gun" will be too heavy for his elbow to support (it's also going to be gigantic), so while it's a nice enough idea, in practice, you'll havet King Poseidon +1... or you'll be propping the gun up somehow. For the sake of this review, I have Tentakil aside with Overbite as a leg - mostly because I've not yet reviewed Tentakil.

   Play value is better than what you usually get from the Combiner Wars format - he's poseable but this is limited - as always - by the fairly top heavy nature of this combined form. He has his sword, hand gun (Turtler's) and the Target Master gun options, and while that last one doesn't quite work, we'd all have been disappointed if they didn't give us all six Seacons - or the option. The tips of the cannons on his back can actually serve as mounting points for 5mm posts, which is actually handy given he comes with a whole slew of 5mm guns for the various components, and not all have elegant ways to have them attached to this combined form - Overbite's gun is sitting there as a shoulder cannon.

   With all six Seacons, lots of play value options, originals colours and an overall look that match the original toy, King Poseidon is well done. There's a bunch of extra weapons and some kibbly limbs. He's actually about 3cm taller than the CW gestalts, which actually makes him a little less stable as his central of gravity is higher - which is my main complaint here. That said, there was never a way to not have lobster legs and manta ray wings hanging off in some fashion or another. I personally got this set for the Seacons - but am quite happy with the combined form.


   None that I'm aware of. All of the components share some form of their engineering with previous CW format toys; but most are just that - shared engineering. Overbite is the only one who really feels like a retool (of Rippersnapper). The "base" figures are mostly Terrorcons, but Tentakil takes _some_ parts from POTP Moonracer.


   Faithful to G1, lots of weaponry and all six Seacons - King Poseidon ticks the main boxes. He's less stable than I'd like, but visually impressive as long as he's not toppling over. Whether or not he's worth spending the time/money to track down (given there's no boxset)... I'm not so sure - but if you are able to get this set for their retail prices, it's worthwhile just for the components themselves - 4/6 are really nice figures (Gulf and Turtler being the weaker ones) - 7.5/10

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