JRX Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: JRX
Series: Car Robots (Robots in Disguise)
Allegiance: Cybertron
Function: Tri-bot Gestalt Railway Patrol
Alternate Mode: N/A - Gestalt comprising J-Four, J-Five & J-Seven.

Height: 24cm Width: 12.5cm

   Composed of two blue and white and one grey Transformer, JRX ends up being a blue and white gestalt with a grey waist. Three-part gestalts are quite uncommon, yet JRX makes it look easy. The chest and head are the front of J-Five's train mode while the arms are J-Five's legs, with blue fists deploying from out of the heels. The waist and backpack are J-Seven while the legs and groin are J-Four's legs and body. The resulting fusion is quite natural and well proportioned, and some yellow highlights keep the colour scheme together quite well.

   J-Seven seems to play almost no part other than providing a spacer between the other two members of this set, but if you like you can rotate the rocket boosters (his legs) up and out to form wings, which gives JRX a little more majesty and means J-Seven's a little more prominent. J-Four on the other hand is all about legs, and suffers in his own robot mode since his legs are so large - they don't modify or extend to form JRX's legs.

   There's quite a bit of clear plastic on this toy, including on the shins, groin and head. The head itself is blue with a transparent green helmet and a white face. The helmet slope forward and hangs over the eyes like a visor, while the blue chin sticks out just as far. The end result is a face that's hidden amongst a bunch of stuff, rather than a face covered in a cool visor. In fact the face is my biggest gripe with JRX, which isn't so bad compared to some gestalts. The gun is my only other complaint - it's a somewhat forced fusion of J-Five & J-Four's guns. The light-up barrel of J-Five's gun sits on top of the missile launcher of J-Four's gun, which isn't bad as such - both gimmicks still operate - but it looks like two different guns stuck together. J-Seven's shield and gun combine to form a shield-missile launcher - with the gun as the missile. The hand of the shield can swing up allowing it to aim and there's a button underneath if you want to fire the missile. The mechanism is difficult to operate but the weapon looks cool. So one works visually and the other mechanically.

   Since he's a combination of three poseable Transformers, JRX is a very poseable gestalt. The head sits on a ball joint while the shoulders, elbows, knees and hips are all twin joints. The hip panels (J-Four's shoulderpads) are on ball joints, which allows the limbs top move freely. The left ankle rotates and both feet have poseable heelspurs. Rounding things out, his opposed thumbs lift up and down while the curled fingers can open and close. The handles of the weapons fit into the close fists, although they come out easier than I'd like since the fistholes aren't permanent.


   The Hasbro versions of this set, Rail Spike (J-Five), Midnight Express (J-Five) and Rapid Run (J-Seven), lack transparent plastics and have Autobot symbols stamped on them. The combined form is called Rail Racer.


   A good gestalt with some really clever engineering, JRX is a set I'd definitely recommend. All three components have strong train modes and while J-Four's robot mode is a little weak, the components and JRX himself are all remarkably poseable. The weaponry isn't perfect and his head is a little annoying, but the poseability of this gestalt more than makes up for that for me. Definitely recommended for gestalt fans - 8.5/10

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