Japanese Incinerator Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Incinerator
Series: Movie Tie-ins
Allegiance: Destron
Alternate Mode: V-22 Osprey Helicopter

Thanks to Goktimus Prime for loaning me Incinerator for this review

Height: 10cm Length: 12cm Width: 19cm (max rotorspan 29cm)

   A black cargo-plane like affair with twin rotors on the edges of either wing, Incinerator is effectively a hybrid plane/helicoptor. There are some "Allspark blue" elements around the cockpit and under the wings, the canopy is colourless plastic and the rotors are grey. There's some violet underwings while there are white Decepticon logos stamped on either side of the fuselage, toward the tail. The colour scheme is close to the Anglophone version, with black replacing grey. The simple yet functional colours work well, although the bright blue outbursts are far more noticeable than I'd like.

   The black plastic has a frosted look, which looks good, as does the cockpit. There's actually a third Decepticon logo on top in grey, which is harder to pick. The sculpt here is very good, with credible seams and the like, and a black cage on the canopy. Incinerator even carries a great sculpt on the underside. There's a radar dome on the back, just in front of the twin-finned tail. Aside from the colour flashes, this is a really well done vehicle mode, with an excellent sculpt.

   Incinerator's play value here is pretty good, and better than most Movie vehicle modes. The radar dome is actually a slider - pulling it back causes the twin rotors to spin - in opposite directions. When you release the slider, it snaps back and the rotors stop moving. It's a shame that you can't build any momentum, they stop once you do, and even pulling rapidly wont generate a constant spin, since they stop before the slider is back to the start. Ospreys can convert from a chopper to propellor plane configuration, simply by rotating the rotors forward. I've very impressed with Incinerator - not only can he rotate his rotors, but the slider still works. I can live with the jerky motion, since they got the rotor gimmick to work in both configurations. The rotors are a little big - you can't spin his propellors when he's on the table, but it's more of a flying thing anyway. There are three black plastic wheels which can fold out underneath, rounding out his solid play value.

   While the gimmick can't spin realistically, the fact that it manages to work on movable rotor pods is more than enough to make up for that. The colours are good, even accounting for the slightly annoying colour outbursts. The blue does stick out more than I'd like, but not enough to really ruin the overall realism. Aside from the rotors being slightly too big and the blue being a little too prominent, this is a good helicopter mode. I like the fact that Incinerator is a slightly unusual vehicle, providing something different.


   Unclip the panels underneath, fold them back to become his legs. Fold down the thigh panels and swing down the panels covering his hips. Rotate the legs and fold up the feet. Stand him up, fold down the canopy, which will split into his chest while the head is revealed. Swing the wings forward to form arms, rotate the rotorpods to form hands, The transformation is very simple for a toy of this size, and while I can understand why the arms are simple, the rest feels a little underdone. The automorph in his chest works well, however.

Height: 17cm Width: 11cm (ignoring the rotors)

   Incinerator is again mainly black, with the blue and violet becoming more prominent. The shoulders and central chest are blue while his upper arms, groin and thighs are violet. The hands are simply the grey rotors while his head is also grey with a black face and colourless eyestrip - matching the colourless canopy now split on his chest. Again it's a simple colour scheme, but it works well enough. This time the bright blue works quite well alongside the black. The colourless eyestrip has a good lightpipe, but the black panel behind it makes it tricky to actually get this working. There are no Decepticon logos in this mode.

   There's a lot of kibble here, and most of it is a by-product of the gimmick. The rotors on his hands had to go somewhere, without collapsing or retracting. I hate the look of them as hands, and would have preferred them on the forearms instead. The tail simply sits behind his legs, and doesn't move - since the slider can't really fold up. Otherwise the bodyshape is decent, although his feet are rather long. To be fair, while the rotors as hands looks a little silly, the designer has made sure the pods and wings fuse as arms quite well.

   The gimmick still works here, which is why the two prominent kibble aspects are around. What's amazing is that the arms are poseable and the rotor gimmick works in any position. His shoulders swing and lift out to the sides while the elbows are hinged with rotators above them. The wrists are fixed, since they're the rotorpods. The hips swing and lift out to the sides while the knees are hinged with rotators while the feet fold down and have heelspurs. Incinerator could get away without heelspurs, since the tail anchors pretty much any action pose you want to try. Incidentally, you can spin the rotors while positioning the arms, which speaks volumes about how well the mechanism was put together. Incinerator doesn't have any ranged weapons, nor any handheld weapons - but the his hands _are_ weapons.

   I hate the hands, and this really prevents me from loving this robot mode. That aside, this is a well designed robot mode with high quality detailing that you'd expect from the movie line, good poseability and great stability. The colours work well enough, the cockpit on his chest is a nice touch and the weapon-based play value is good. I would have liked to see some more work on giving him fists - or at least the option of fists, but this is a strong robot mode based on play value alone.


   The Anglophone version comes in grey instead of black. This Japanese version comes with a small, 1cm cubed, Allspark cube accessory.


   While this Japanese version is a little pricey and the cube fairly underwhelming, it's still a good pack. If nothing else, it provides an official Allspark accessory, and I do think the vehicle mode is nicer in black. The mould itself is well designed with good play value and great sculpting, even if the transformation is quite simple. The robust mechanism is great even if I do wish we got the option of actual hands in robot mode. Whether or not you want to spend the extra money on this version I'll leave up to you, but I can't complain about the changes, and the mould itself is good anwyay - 7.5/10

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