Jhiaxus Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Jhiaxus
Series: Transformers Universe
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Jet Plane

Thanks to Goktimus Prime for loaning me his Jhiaxus for this review (I have since acquired Jhiaxus).

Height: 5cm Length: 18cm Width: 13.5cm

   A predominantly orange jet fighter with grey and black highlights, Jhiaxus doesn't really resemble the Jhiaxus of the G2 comics, being a somewhat random repaint of Jetstorm, but it's nice that they finally gave this character a toy. The orange is easily the most dominant colour, but there's a fair bit of grey and black, which are a mix of plastic and paint. If you're keen, you'll notice that the paint job is a straight colour substitution of Stormjet's colours - white has become orange, red has become grey and the black is... black. The only part that isn't a straight colour sub is the missiles, which are solid grey (Stormjet's were red, but a transparent red).

   This isn't a real jet plane by any means, it's more of a space cruiser. The reason I call this a space cruiser is that he has very small wings - I doubt he'd generate enough lift to stay airborne. That's not to say this is a bad mode, it's just not one that would beat gravity. It actually looks pretty cool, the overall shape is a fairly pointy arrowhead, with the small wings at the back. He has retractable black landing gear, one wheel under the nose and wheels under the wings. The wheels are solid cast, and do not roll, but I like the fact they retract - it would have been easy for Hasbro to not bother with them at all.

   While Jhiaxus is a paint-by-numbers repaint of Stormjet, he seems to be made of better plastic - Stormjet's plastic was particularly cheap. The other major change is the addition of stamped Decepticon logos, one at the top of the fuselage at the base of the tail, the other on the nose. While this isn't a fantastic colour scheme, he ends up looking no worse than Stormjet, despite the unusual colours, thanks to better plastic and the logos.

   Jhiaxus has fairly good play value for a deluxe. There's a black button behind the cockpit, which causes the cockpit to pop forward about 2cm on a black "neck". The "head" is jointed, so it can look from side to side and downwards, which is pretty nifty. I'm not sure if this is meant to resemble a bird's head, but it does. While Jetstorm and Sonic Attack Jet had spark crystals, Stormjet and Jhiaxus do not - the hatch on his fuselage opens to reveal what looks like a solid red marble. I'm not sure why this is red on Jhiaxus - it's the only piece of red plastic on the entire toy - the rest of Stormjet's red bits are now grey. Maybe they decided a grey marble would be silly? There’s no point to this feature now, so it's a step backwards for the mould. As mentioned, he has missile launchers, they're built into the toy, not detachable - they're basically the bases of the wings. Anyway, they're also activated by black buttons, and will send the missiles about a foot. They're less likely to randomly fly out than Jetstorm's are, but travel about the same distance.

   I have mixed feelings about this mode. I'm not sure I like an orange space cruiser, and it doesn't really remind me of the G2 commander, but the addition of the Decepticon logos is a nice touch. It ends up looking better than the cheaply produced Stormjet, but it's not fantastic. I do like the solid missiles, and Jhiaxus is the first toy of this mould to have those.


   Quite complex for a deluxe. Fold up the landing gear, first off. I'd recommend removing the missiles. Unclip the sides and pull them out, to become the arms. Fold the legs down from underneath, swing the hips out, swing the pelvic plate down underneath the nose of the jet to form his groin. The torso folds and swivels around and comes together quite well with chestplates locking it all together. While this is elegant, it's hard to describe so I'm not going to try. In transforming his torso, the head will be revealed and snaps into place on his shoulders. Rotate the legs, fold up the feet and heelspurs. Position the arms and fold up the wristguards to reveal the claw-hands.

   It's a tricky transformation until you get the hang of things, largely due to all the interlocking and rotating that the fuselage undergoes in becoming the torso. As I said, it's complex, but it's not hard once you get the hang of it - in fact it's nice having a deluxe with such an elegant and satisfyingly clever transformation.

Height: 14cm Width: 17cm
exact width will depend on the pose

   The orange that dominated the plane mode is now largely on his back and arms, and the grey plastic now domes into it's own - and does a far better job than Stormjet's red did of this. Sure, it's still a toy with a lot of orange, but now the grey is the dominant colour, so he actually looks pretty good. His arms and waist are orange, his groin, chest, thighs and feet are grey, while his shoulders, shins and claw-hands are black. The grey head has an orange painted face, which is kind of odd, but it fits in with this toy's colour scheme well. The eyes are transparent red, he has a very effective lightpipe, and his antennae (the tailfins) are orange.

   The face is moulded like the breathing mask that jet pilots wear, which is a nice touch, although I've doubts that these things come in orange. His forehead is painted black, which helps the lightpipe effect. The eyes on mine are glowing at the moment, and I've got him standing in front of the control panel on my monitor - not directly in front of a light source. There's a big red section of the back of his head allowing this lightpipe to work so well.

   The missile launchers are now on the outsides of his arms, and can still shoot in this mode. There's another gimmick in this mode, which is a relic from Jetstorm. If you rotate his legs outwards and fold down his feet and heelspurs, you can attach the legs together, forming a large triangle around the groin. Lift the shins out to reveal black painted hover engines. This is the hover mode featured in the Beast Machine cartoon. While it can't stand up, it's great play value.

   One thing that is great about this mode is the poseability. The head turns, although the tailwings get in the way of the large antennae formed from the tailfins. His shoulders rotate, and also lift out to the sides. His elbows bend inwards, and there are swivels just above the elbows. His claws can rotate with some difficultly, and are made of soft plastic so he can potentially grasp stuff. His hips are ball joints, with swivels directly below them, while his knees, feet and heelspurs are all hinged. The end result of all this is an incredibly poseable robot that can be made to stand in almost any pose.

   As mentioned, this mode looks good with more grey than orange, so it's the better of his modes. It's a good mould, with great poseability, so with decent colours this robot mode will work anyway. Again, it's not the Jhiaxus from the comic, but it's a decent robot mode.


   None as such, but he's a repaint as mentioned.


   While this is now the fourth version of this mould, it's a good mould, so if you haven't got any of the others, grab Jhiaxus. The orange isn't a great choice, so I'd recommend Sonic Attack Jet or Jetstorm first, but Jhiaxus still looks better than Stormjet. Perhaps the main reason longtime fans would find to grab this toy is simply because it's the first time there's been a Jhiaxus toy. I didn't bother since I never got into the G2 comics, but if I didn't already have this mould I likely would have - 6.5/10

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