Guzzle (Japanese) Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Guzzle
Series: Japanese Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Fire Assault
Alternate Mode: Dinosaur Monster, apparently

Thanks to heroic decepticon for loaning me Guzzle for this review

Height: 6cm Length: 9cm Width: 5cm

   A dark green monster with a grey tail and front limbs, a white belly and a gold horn on his snout with gold eyes, Guzzle is a repaint of Cindersaur. Guzzle's main trunk is actually grey, but there's a green backplate with forward facing spikes on it, so he's more or less green at a glance. He's the only Firecon which was coloured differently in Japan, although curiously, the Masterforce cartoon actually featured him in the purple & yellow of Cindersaur. I prefer this colour scheme, since the shade of yellow on Cindersaur wasn't at all appealing.

   This is not a good animal mode. Granted, there's organic skin sculpting on his legs, tail and head, but it's impossible to tell what this is actually meant to be. The way the mouth is moulded open, his head reminds me of a sock puppet. There's a spine on top of tailtip. He sort of stands on his hindlimbs with his body sloping upwards. The forelimbs can swing up and down, which is really it for the poseability, although the body can lift up and down, as part of his main gimmick. He does look better without the yellow, and the green adds an element of realism lacking on Cindersaur.

   The idea of the Firecons is that you can lift up the legs and roll them along on the belly, and sparks will spurt out of their mouths. Unfortunately the internal gears around which this gimmick revolves wear very easily, leaving the gimmick dead. Guzzle's snout is about half an inch from the spark ejection point anyway, so even if the gimmick works, there's not much action outside of the toy.

   While none of the Firecons have great animal modes, this is the least inspiring for me, primarily because it's so ambiguous. The sculpted skin is a nice feature and he has probably the best colours of _any_ Firecon, rescuing this animal mode from it's ambiguity.


   Fold the tail underneath, swing down his head, swing the spineplates down to the sides, revealing the robot head and chest. Straighten his legs and stand him up.

Height: 7.5cm Width: 4.5cm

   Guzzle again relies on grey and green. His torso is grey, while his limbs and head are green. The head is actually a plate inserted into the top of his torso, which is a rectangular block. His face is actually fairly well moulded, with lips, a nose, eyes and even a chin. It's painted yellow, which works quite well on this dark robot mode. Again this colour scheme beats Cindersaur's by some distance.

   The Firecons have quite possibly the worst robot mode proportions of any Transformers. Ever. The arms are attached to the waist, and of course attach at the wrists. The legs attach to the sides of the central block, sitting directly below his hands, rather than below the torso. The back edge of the animal head sits above the rectangular central block, forming kibble. Rounding all of this out is the fact that's wider than he should be for this height.

   There is no play value in this mode. Guzzle basically stands there looking static. While he has the terrible proportions characteristic of Firecons, he wears what is probably the best colour scheme of the lot of them. His face is quite well detailed and stands out nicely. It's still a bad robot mode, but in relative terms, the colours make the most of the mould's limitations.


   A repaint of Cindersaur as mentioned. For some reason, this repaint bears the name of one of Cindersaur's Autobot counterparts, just to confuse things.


   While it's a very poor mould and a poor concept generally, this is a good repaint which makes the most of the Firecon concept. The gimmick sucks, the robot shape is awful and the animal mode is ill-defined, but the colours make his animal mode somewhat more believable and they easily improve on the awful colours of Cindersaur. He's the best Firecon of them all thanks to the excellent colour scheme, but I don't know that I'd recommend him, purely because Guzzle is both obscure and tricky to actually find - 3/10

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