Jackpot Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Jackpot
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Strategist
Alt Mode: None (was a Sports Car of some kind)

Height: 9.5cm Width: 4.5cm

   Jackpot would have been a black Ferrari or similar sports car in a former life (had he actually had one). So his dominant colour is black. His arms are yellow with black panels on the sides, and wheels on the shoulders. His head & torso are black, as are his lower legs. Hi's got yellow thighs, a red waist and orange feet & kneecaps. I'm not sure what possessed Hasbro to use so much bright orange in the Actionmasters, but thankfully the orange paint is used sparingly on Jackpot. His face is painted silver and his eyes are a wraparound orange affair. Luckily his forehead (which deliberately resembles a windshield) overhangs and reduces the visual impact of this orange. He's also got a car grill painted silver along the front of his chest.

   Jackpot's chest is a car front, similar to Jazz. He has wheels moulded into the sides of his shins and on his calves are engine vents that really look like he's meant to be a Ferrari Testarosa. Combined with the windshield on his head and the grill and pop-up headlights on his chest, Hasbro have done a really good job of making Jackpot look like he once turned into something.

   As with all Actionmasters, Jackpot has shoulders that swivel up and down, a head that turns, knees that bend and GIJoe style ball and socket hips. While his poseability is no better or worse than his contempories, it's certainly a notch above most other G1 toys.


   A small black bird of prey with blue wings, legs and head, Sights is a nice addition. He can mount Jackpot's gun (also blue) on his back. His wings point downwards, the blue tips fold up, although this looks unnatural and is for the transform.

   Fold up the wings, fold back the head, lift the barrel out from underneath and attach the handgun to the barrel to make Sights' gun mode. It's pretty big and heavy. My Jackpot's legs aren't stiff enough for him to hold Sights in gun mode, in fact. But it's a good bird mode, so I still like Sights.


   None that I know of.


   A good Actionmaster, Jackpot _looks_ like he was once something, too. The colour scheme's good but the orange hurts a little. Yellow and black would have been better than yellow, black and orange. Sights is nice, if a little bulky in gun mode. 8/10 for Jackpot, 5/10 for Sights

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