J-Seven Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: J-Seven (or J-7, although in Japanese the seven is written as a word, not as 7), Rapid Run for the US release
Series: Car Robots (Robots in Disguise)
Allegiance: Cybertron
Sub Group: Car Robots Trainbot
Function: Autobot Sonic Rail Patrol
Vehicular Mode: Bullet Train Engine Carriage

Note: Picture is of Rapid Run.

Height: 4cm Length: 21cm Width: 3.5cm

   It's a bullet train. Long and sleek. Mainly grey with a black strip along the windows, and a yellow strip under that. The windows are transparent green. The cockpit is the same green with black bordering it. The words "Rail Star" & Cybertron on the sides of the cockpit. Like his mates, he's got a hook at the back to which you can attach J-Four or J-Five (or another J-Seven if you really want), and a hole under the nose to attach to a hook at the front. A very good looking train, the only bit that detracts at all is that his robot toes are folded onto the back of the carriage (above the hook), but they look sufficiently like cushioning anyway.


   There's two small tabs under the windows - lift them and lift out the shield. Grab the hook and gently pull, it should come out. Rotate the rear section 180 degrees and pull the legs down. Slide the toes down to reveal the soles of the feet and fold the rear trucks down to form the heel spurs. Now for the fun part - fold the arms out and up, fold the nose section down to form the chest. This is tricky the first few times. Getting the arms to swing out has a trick to it - pushing gently up on the nose allows the holding tabs on the shoulder panels to clear their grooves. Press on the black square just behind the cockpit to reveal the head. Now unfold the arms and position them as you please. Give him back his weapons. Oh yes, fold out the black panels on the shield.

Height: 17 cm to the head Width: 6cm shoulders (this can really vary according to pose)

   Grey & black robot with a yellow head. Grey calves, forearms & torso, black feet, thighs, shoulders, hands & collar. Oh and a few transparent green bits (the base colour of much of the toy) on his torso and knees. He's skinny but he doesn't look quite like a train standing up, thanks partly to an involved transformation and partly to poseability. The nose of the train is on his chest, though, so there's no doubt that this guy moonlights as a train. Actually in the Car Robots show the Cybertrons live "normal" vehicular lives when they're not saving the world, so you could argue the train moonlights as a robot. Part of the train's roof and windows becomes a shield, which looks a lot better than in sounds, and his hook (to which J-Five or J-Four can attach) becomes a somewhat skinny gun or a missile (if you reposition the shield, it becomes the launcher). Apart from the fact that he's quite skinny, a nice looking toy. Very poseable arms & head, somewhat limited legs - knees are only hinges and feet likewise. But he has big heelspurs so he stands up to whatever you do to him. Literally.


Released in RiD with grey windows under the name "Rapid Run".


   It's easy to see why Car Robots toys have been so popular in Anglophone markets. While many of the Beast Machines toys are meched out, Car Robots takes the poseability of Beast Wars and the realistic and detailed vehicles of G1 and puts them together. J-Seven is a great example of why Car Robots are so popular - great train mode, poseable and attractive robot mode. He's not flawless, with relatively unposeable legs, but Takara has taken the time to make sure everything works, unlike Hasbro's BM Cheetors who can't stand up. Worthwhile on his own and of course if you plan to get JRX you need him. I give him 8/10

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