Energon Ironhide Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Ironhide
Series: Energon
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: 4x4

Thanks to Goktimus Prime for loaning me Ironhide, making this review possible.

Height: 14cm Length: 17cm Width: 10cm

   A blue 4x4 with a gold windshield, open side windows, white fenders, black plastic tyres with silver painted hubcaps, a black bumper with kibbly light brown sports lights and a giant red sensor array on the roof. The colour scheme is a little disparate, but for the most part it comes together well. There are some awkward light brown robot kibble pieces on the back - the shoulders - and the kibble on the front is his feet. Ironhide would have looked better without the brown elements, both for the colour and the fact that they're obvious kibble. The level of detail is okay, and most of the colours are decent, but the overriding feature of this vehicle is the robot head sitting at the front of the sensor array on his roof - with the face fully visible.

   For a mega sized toy, the robot elements visible on this truck are ruinous. The feet look like a distinct add-on, despite the fact that the globes have been painted blue. The shoulders make no attempt to match the sculpt of the rest of the truck - and being a different colour doesn't help this. And then there's the head. I can see no good reason why it's not covered up - surely a hatch or something would have been possible at the very least. To be honest, I would expect more at this size, but a hatch was certainly possible. The helmet does move up and down, but it barely moves and only half covers his eyes at the lower position. Everything else on this truck is dominated by this single feature, and while it's not really a great truck mode anyway, any hope Ironhide has of being a credible truck is lost. He's certainly not hiding in this mode.

   The sensor array features a giant radar dish (actually a speaker) and three silver globes of some sort. There's a light brown gun to the right of the head which can detach, but can't plug in anywhere else - it has a black trigger which moves, but no projectile. We have a contender for the most useless weapon ever here, methinks. The left side has a black missile launcher with a light brown missile... and no trigger. If you pull it back, the missile fires. If you install a AAA battery inside the block with the three globes (the globes are there to decorate this block), two sounds are available. The array rotates through 360, and with the battery installed this generates the sound of machine gun fire. If you pull back on the missile launcher, you will hear a launching sound as the missile fires. This sensor array detaches fairly easily - although I don't see why it needs to. At least this gives you a way to remove the head, although Ironhide is left with a large hole in the middle of a red plate.

   A bad vehicle mode, and much of this is due to the lazy non-attempts to hide robot elements. The completely visible head just ruins this mode - not that it's that great otherwise, mind you. The sensor array is okay at best, the electronics are pretty standard fare and the brown gun feels like it was designed by someone who was just not paying attention. A lazy design, and one of the worst Earth-style vehicle modes I have come across.


   Lift up the rear fenders, swing down and split the front to form his boots. Flip up the feet, swing out the bumper to form his heelspurs. Swing the shoulders forward and rotate the forearms. This transformation belongs on a MiniCon, not a mega sized toy. Where has the extra complexity gone? Yes he can combine with Jetfire, but there many large, simple pieces of plastic here.

Height: 22cm Width: 20cm

   Ironhide has a mixed colour scheme here. The shoulderpads, forearms and boots are blue while his feet, upper arms and thighs are light brown, along with chin. His torso is red as is the array around his head. The groin is painted silver while the face is painted while with blue eyes. The helmet is black, along with a band across his chest. There's a sculpted Autobot logo on his chest which is painted red over white paint (the base plastic is also red). The colours are... okay. The Autobot logo is the most impressive feature of the entire toy, but again the brown doesn't really work. The blue and red could work together if we didn't have all these other colours getting in each other's way - black, brown, white and silver.

   Okay, so the robot shape is fairly good, and the shoulderpads work well enough, but the array is exactly as in vehicle mode (with the same sound effects). There's a dead hardpoint on the outside of his right forearm and a spark crystal on the right arm. While both weapons detach, neither use standard sizes posts. Not that Ironhide has standard fist holes (that would require the designer waking up from his coma!), although Ironhide does have standard holes on the top of his forearms. Why the designer didn't just give him proper fists holes in the first place, I don't know. The cabin forms his knees, so he have protruding kneecaps - not ideal but not as bad as so many other aspects of this toy.

   Poseability is pretty good. His head (well, the array it's attached to) spins through 360 for that possessed look. The shoulder swing and lift out to the sides while his elbows are ball joints. The hips swing and lift out to the sides while his knees bend and have rotators. The feet and heelspurs are fixed but they anchor Ironhide quite well. His waist is fixed.

   Well, it's not as bad as the vehicle mode - but that would not be easy to actually do. The robot shape is pretty good, the poseability is fairly good and the Autobot logo looks nice, but it's all downhill from there. The colours are too busy, the weapons cannot be handheld while the choices made regarding fist holes are just ridiculous. As a basic I'd say this robot mode is passable, but as a mega it's terribly.


   There was a green repaint with the very uncreative name of Energon Ironhide. So if you want to compare that toy to, say, G1 Ironhide, it becomes Energon Energon Ironhide.


   A simple transformation that makes no attempt whatsoever to hide the head, muddled colours, far too much robot kibble in car mode and rather bland electronics make this a poor toy. The weaponry and fist holes show a complete lack of interest on the part of the designer. G1 Ironhide is a better toy that this, despite the lack of a proper head - at least the van mode looks like a van - this Ironhide's vehicle mode has a head so clearly visible that he barely qualifies as a Transformer. I would strongly recommend against spending your money on this toy - 1.5/10

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