Ironfist Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Ironfist
Series: "European" G1
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Weaponry Expert
Alternate Mode: Humvee

Height: 5cm Length: 11cm Width: 5.5cm

   A beige Humvee with grey tyres, transparent pink windows and headlights and an Autobot logo on the bonnet. There are various stickers here and there and some green and blue plastic hints, but none of these really impact on the overall colour scheme, although they keep Ironfist from being too dull. The beige works quite well and I don't mind the pink, but would have preferred black tyres.

   There's quite a bit of moulded detail, and most of it has a military feel, making Ironfist feel quite accurate (even if a lot of the detail is made up). There are panels, vents and such and a large mount on top for his gun. There's even a beige sticker on one side with a shovel printed on it.

   Like his Lightformer teammate Deftwing (and the Decepticon equivalent Trakkons) Ironfist's weapon assembly contains a gimmick. If you look through the back of the cobalt blue block and push in the baby blue post on the other side, you'll see twin streams of pink laser fire. There's a gold cannon on the front right side which will rapidly slide back and forth while a large grey wheel on top will rotate - the post at the back is designed to spring back, and as long as you keep pushing, the laser fire will continue while the wheel spins and the cannon pulsates. I should point out that the gold is _not_ the brittle gold plastic often used in this era - it's a slightly paler colour. The gunpod mounts on top of Ironfist's roof, and is almost as massive as the toy itself. When mounted it stays in place quite firmly and can be turned through 360 to take aim. You can lift it up for anti-aircraft duty, although the hinge is really there for the transformation.

   While the Humvee itself is fairly strong, the best aspect here is the gunpod, which is both useful and fun. The detail is good and the colours work fairly well - my only real gripe is with the grey tyres.


   Remove the gunpod and set aside. Unfold the back to become his boots, lift up the doors and rotate the legs. Push the back panel of the bonnet down through the front of the truck, push his head through the resulting gap. Fold down the front of the truck to form his torso, unfold the forearms. There's a two-section support underneath the gunpod, which becomes a stand. The gunpod can stand in front of Ironfist, who grasps it via two handles.

Height: 11.5cm Width: 8.5cm

   Again based around beige, but there's a lot more colour here. The forearms, head and thighs are cobalt blue, the feet are green while the boots and upper arms are gold. Ironfist has a silver mouthplate and transparent pink eyes with a decent lightpipe. the grey wheels are all visible, two underneath the chest and two on the hips. The beige, cobalt blue and gold compliment each other well but I don't know why they added the green paint on his feet - it looks poor. The grey wheels aren't great either, but they're neutral enough to not stand out. The groin is baby blue, but doesn't stand out at all.

   The boots are a single, wide piece, which doesn't look great, and is made to look worse by the rear tyres hanging off his hips. The front of the Humvee sits on his chest, which looks good. The mouthplate sits just below the level of the bonnet (his shoulder level), which is annoying. The robot mode looks a little awkward overall, without being awful.

   The weapons assembly is the best aspect here again, to the point where the rather static and disjointed Ironfist might as well be an accessory. The stand is sturdy enough to support it's weight (well, with Ironfist hanging onto it), and it lines up well for him. The stand needs to be down - it's way too heavy for Ironfist to hold in his outstretched arms. The gimmicks are again impressive, although Ironfist himself gets in the way of the sight now. The hips and knees bend with single joints, but these are part of the transformation and don't bring any useful to his movement. The lifting arms are really all we get in the way of articulation.

   Despite it's awkward supporting colours and static form, this robot mode still looks okay, thanks mainly to the Humvee on his chest. It's far from memorable, but the weapon is cool and saves the robot mode to a large extent.


   None that I'm aware of, although he was sold in both G1 (box) and G2 (card) packaging. Ironfist was not sold in North America.


   A pretty decent Humvee mode and a nice gunpod make this a decent toy, even if the robot mode is a letdown. The robot mode could easily have been better with a little focus on the colour scheme, and while it's not a total loss I find it frustrating since Ironfist could easily have been a good toy. While I wouldn't search long and hard for him, there's enough here that I'd recommend him if you happen to come across this toy - 5.5/10

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