Inferno Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Inferno
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Search & Rescue
Alternate Mode: Fire Engine

Height: 5.5cm Length: 14cm Width: 5.5cm

   Inferno is your standard red fire truck, with a big white ladder on top, a white hose on the left side and some chromed silver pieces. The headlights & grill, rear ledge and ladder base are chromed silver. The windows on the cabin are transparent plastic, as are the strobes mounted on top of the roof. The doors of the cabin have "FD" stickers on them, there's an Autobot sticker on the front of the cabin and a rubsign on the roof between the strobes (concealed by the ladder, if it's resting). The rear platform is die cast metal.

   This is now a pretty old model of truck, it'd be early 1980s. While he doesn't look antique, it is a little dated. The sides of the truck are formed by the robot arms and there's a hollow bit in between them. Whilst it's not very noticeable, it's there.

   These drawbacks are relatively minor, and he has some very cool bits. The first is the fact that the ladder is composed of three sections and can swivel up and extend to an impressive 29cm. This ladder's base joint is strong enough to hold it's position, also. The cabin can fold forward to reveal a seat inside (for a Diaclone pilot). There are twin guns mounted on the end of the ladder and a chromed one on the left side of the ladder base. The good thing is that all can pass for both nozzles and guns, so they don't look out of place.

   In terms of play value, Inferno's blessed with six wheels that roll (and rubber tyres), as well as the cabin and ladder as mentioned. I don't expect too much more from a fire engine, except maybe the ability to shoot water. All in all it's a good, detailed truck mode.


   Spread the rear wheels slightly, then pull down the wheelbase and fold it forward 90 to form the legs. Fold the feet forward. Unclip the arms from the side and swivel them forward. swing the arms down and fold back the silver tabs on top of his shoulders. Attach his wings to his shoulderblades, insert his fists (or missiles) into his wrists. Fold the ladder back to reveal the head, swing the head up and attach the head assembly to his chest.

Height: 16cm Width: 8cm

   Still essentially red, Inferno's robot mode has a fair bit of black thrown in, with the white wings on his shoulderblades and the chromed headlight & grill section now on his waist. His groin, fists, knees and head are black. The chest & waist are the front of the truck, and he has tyres on the uppersides of his feet and on his hips. The undersides of his feet are die cast metal.

   His face is silver and well sculpted, there's a fair bit of detail. His eyes are yellow on most versions, although the TCS version has blue eyes. On the side of his head is the silver side mounted gun from truck mode.

   Inferno's pretty well armed. There's the head-gun as mentioned, but he comes with a black handgun as well. He comes with three chromed silver missiles, and the wrists serve as missile launchers. If you like you can take one fist out and give his a missile launcher/laser, as in the cartoon. You can always give him two but then he has no hands.

   All of Inferno's poseability is in his arms. His wrists rotate and his elbows bend. There's two sets of joints in his shoulders, giving him full poseability. Combine this with the missile launchers and he has some play value. The missile launchers don't shoot all that far, it must be said.

   Weak missile launchers aside probably the only weakness to this mode is the lack of a waist. The wheels on the sides are the widest part of his torso, and sit at about where his waist should be. Otherwise this is a decent robot mode.


   Originally sold in 1985, Inferno was released again as a Classic in some markets in 1990. Then he was released in G2 with an extra weapon in an overly bright red. 2003 saw the TCS reissue, which has blue eyes and his truck mode stickers have been replaced with painted details. Oh, and he shares much of his mould with Grapple. An Actionmaster version was released in 1990.


   A good toy, Inferno had a fair bit of exposure in the G1 cartoon & comic series. While he has some flaws, they're pretty minor. Both modes work and there's some play value in this toy - the ladder itself makes him fun to play with. Recent reissuing means he's available for a good price, so I'd certainly recommend him to G1 fans - 8/10

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