Hurricane Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Hurricane
Series: "European" G1
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Defence Tactics Specialist
Alternate Mode: Sports Car

Height: 3.5cm Length: 10cm Width: 5cm

   A white sports car that looks vaguely like it's inspired by "futuristic" 1950s concept cars, Hurricane is a curvy LeMans style sports car with transparent pink headlights and window. There's a gap behind the cockpit shaped windshield into which the launcher slots, I'd strongly suggest you fill the hole with a launcher. The tyres are standard black plastic. There's not a lot of colour otherwise, although there's some yellow (mainly the missiles) and a green lighting bolt sticker on the front which sports an Autobot symbol.

   I don't like what they've done with the launcher one bit. Apart from the fact that it points _backwards_, if you lose the thing this car mode has a gaping hole. I'm not sure a defensive tactician (tactics specialist is so verbose) would tell want a weapon that can only fire in retreat. Nor would I expect many Autobots have faith in a defensive tactician who opted for such a weapon.

   As with all Turbomasters, Hurricane's main gimmick is the missile launcher. While it fits into the shape of the car overall, it's wasted here. The launcher shoots one of his three yellow missiles about two feet (60cm). He comes with three missiles, one is meant to sit in the launcher sticking out the back while the others clip onto stabilisers just above the rear tyres. He doesn't roll very well, despite having a metal rear axle.

   The choice of vehicle mode doesn't inspire me, but it's by no means bad. The white works fairly well with the navy blue of the launcher, and while the pink doesn't go so well it's again not bad. But the central idea of the toy is the missile launcher and the placement simply sucks. With nothing really cool to counteract this flaw, it's a pretty poor car mode.


   Remove the launcher and set aside, flip the back out to form his boots and flip out the front to form the chest. The front wheels and runners become arms and the head lifts out from behind the windshield. Attach the launcher as a handheld weapon.

Height: 12.5cm Width: 6.5cm

   Again mainly white with the navy blue launcher complimented by blue on his shoulders, groin, thighs and face. The face is silver and well detailed, while his eyes are pink with a failed lightpipe. Annoyingly while the eyes don't light up, the headlights on his hips and windshield on his sternum do. The lightning bolt and Autobot symbol end up on his chest while the spare launchers sit on his kneecaps. The chestplate is the front of the car, which is a great idea, but the pink lightpipes really bring it down, especially when you contrast them with the failed eyes. Again the basic colour scheme is sound, but the pink again gets in the way.

   There's not a lot of poseability here, although Hurricane is now worse than most toys of this era. The elbows bend and that's really it. The big hole in the car mode now doubles as a big gap between the boots, although the spoiler is a solid beam between the knees. The overall bodyshape is okay, the gap between the legs works fairly well and while the arms attach just above the elbows, they're not as awkward as the attachments on Scorch. The launcher is far more useful now, since it's able to shoot forward, and you can lift his arm up to make it shoot level.

   Despite the fairly well moulded head and good idea of the car front chest, this mode isn't as good as it could be. I can forgive the crappy articulation since Hurricane is no worse than a lot of other contemporaries, but the lightpiping really doesn't work and again there's nothing jumping out making me really like this mode. It _is_ his better mode, but that's largely because the missile launcher is actually useful.


   None that I'm aware of. Hurricane wasn't sold in the United States, although he did reach Australia, Canada, Europe and Japan.


   The colours could have worked, but the transparent pink wasn't used very well. Considering some of the unorthodox colour sets around this era (Actionmaster Thundercracker, anyone?), Hurricane seems to have missed an opportunity. The car mode is badly designed, wasting it's two best features in an axle and the missile launcher. The robot mode is okay but it's far from exciting. Hurricane is the worst of the small Turbomasters in my opinion, and that's more down the the car design than anything else - Scorch is also weak but his missile launcher is actually worthwhile in truck mode. Only worthwhile if you find him for a dollar or two - 3/10

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