Hun-Grrr Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Hun-Grrr
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Terrorcon Leader
Alternate Mode: Two-Headed Dragon

Height: 8cm Length: 20cm Width: 9.5cm
(This guy's height & length are going to vary depending on his pose)

   Hun-Grrr's a twotone grey & purple two headed dragon. Having said that, he's basically a mixture of dark & light greys with purple spines on his back. The spines continue down his tail, but turn to grey by this point. The rear legs are far larger than the front legs, so this guy could do some serious standing on his hind legs - if the tail was poseable & could get out of the way. It's a rather robotic looking dragon mode, it has to be said. Lots of angular bits & blockiness everywhere.

   It's in this mode that Hun-Grrr look his best. The hind legs bend at the knees, both sets of legs move at the hips on swivel joints. The necks have pretty much full poseability, since they contain the poseable robot legs, so each neck has three joints on it. The heads are small & pointy, with teeth hanging over the bottom jaws & wrap-around windshield like eyes. There are two small spines on the front of the necks. It's worth nothing the necks contribute to about half the length of the dragon mode.


   Fold the front legs underneath the body, one will be over the top of the other, fold the tail under also, to reveal the robot head. Turn the robot head around. Straighten the necks into the robot legs and fold the dragon heads up to form the feet. Swing the rear legs up to form the robot arms, fold the feet up and swing out the robot fists.

Height: 17cm Width: 9cm

   Well, just like his dragon mode, Hun-Grrr is mainly grey again - light grey boots, fists, shoulders & upper torso, dark grey forearms, thighs, knees & groin. Oh and purple spines down his chest, with two purple chestplates. This mode also reveals a purple head, with silver eyes that are reminiscent of wraparound sunglasses. In fact the "boots" & sunglasses give him a rather civil look, which is kinda odd for a Terrorcon.

   Despite his somewhat docile appearance, it's still a good robot mode. The shoulders are bigger than they should be, but he has poseability in spades for a G1 toy. Shoulders, elbows, head, two joints per hip, knees and feet that can point down make this guy about as poseable as G1 ever got. While it may not look as cool as dragon mode, Hun-Grrr's robot mode is just as good, simply because of what you can do with it. You can even attach Abominus's chestplate to either shoulder as a shield, proving the designer of this toy sat down with it and did the job right.


   The 1987 version has a rubsign & indent (I believe on the robot shoulder), the 1988 version, which I have, has no rubsign or indent.


   Great looking animal mode, poseable in both mode, good play value. It's pretty hard to drag Hun-Grrr down to the level of the lamer small Terrorcons like Blot or Sinnertwin. While his teammates aren't terrible, he's just so much better than they are. It's as if the designers of these toys spend as much time on Hun-Grrr as the other four combined. In fact he's probably the best central piece of any "Scramble City" style Gestalt, only Hot Spot comes close. This is one combiner toy that I honestly recommend regardless of whether you're planning to get the whole team or not - 9/10

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