Huffer Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Huffer
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Construction Engineer
Alternate Mode: Truck Cab

Height: 4cm Length: 5cm Width: 3.5cm

   A small orange semi-deformed truck cabin, Huffer has black windows and two black horns on his roof. He's the smaller style of truck cab without a sleeping berth in the cabin - he only has 4 wheels. His grill is chrome silver, as are the smokestacks, which are disproportionately large. He has black plastic wheels, which are ridged. He doesn't have a hitch as such, the robot mode heelspurs form something of a hook, so you could potentially hitch a trailer, although he doesn't come with one.

   While orange may be an unusual colour for a truck cab, it doesn't really matter on a semi-deformed truck this small. Huffer's designed to look cute - in fact, in the Microman line, this toy was meant to be a toy truck, not a scaled down truck - and he succeeds. On the sides of the cab itself (the doors), he has small "M" logos, which are a hangover from the Microman line. He has a rubsign on top of the roof between the horns - it strategically covers a screw hole, which is nice.

   While there's no intricate detail, Huffer does have small ladders moulded behind his doors, as well as ridge headlights and a license plate indent on his bumper. For the era and the size of this toy, I'm happy with the mould detail. The only play value here is the fact he has rolling wheels - I don't really expect much more though.

   Huffer's a small and simple truck, and for what it is, this is a nice truck mode. As I said, it's cute (which Huffer himself would no doubt complain about), and it looks like his show truck mode.


   Extend the rear wheels, fold the cabin forward and down into place to form his head & hood. Pull the smokestacks out to the sides swing them to his sides to form the arms.

Height: 7cm Width: 4.5cm

   The orange that so dominated Huffer's truck mode is now his secondary colour - his lower legs and the hood behind his head are orange, but dark purple makes up most of Huffer now. His arms are chrome silver, by virtue of them being the smokestacks. His head is purple, and moulded onto the inside of the hood - he has a mouthplate and a silver eyeslit.

   There's an Autobot symbol sticker on Huffer's chest, as well as two other stickers, one on the chest and one on the groin, these give the single piece dark purple torso some colour. There's a fair bit of moulding gone into this torso, although in dark purple it's easy to miss this.

   The hood and arms are probably the most distinctive features of this mode. The hood hangs over the top of the head and wraps around his shoulders, and is a big part of what makes Huffer - it's present on his animated incarnation. The arms stick out to the sides and are actually set forward relative to the attachment posts. This looks a little strange, the attachment posts (but not the offset) were actually carried into his cartoon, so along with the hood they're an integral part of Huffer's distinct look.

   The arms sticking forward are probably his biggest flaw - the arms swing at the shoulders, but it doesn't work all that well since the swivels are at the attachment point and not on the arms themselves. On the back of his arms (just behind the attachment points) are wheels, and he also has wheels on his ankles.

   Despite the weird arms, this is still a decent robot mode. Huffer has a distinct look all his own, and like the truck mode, this is a rathe cute little robot mode.


   Sold in 1984-5 in most parts of the world in orange and purple, Huffer was also available in the Netherlands in navy blue or white and dark navy blue. 2004 saw him re-released in Japan, although there are no actual differences that I've noticed between the 1984 and 2004 versions.


   This mould is over twenty years old, but he's still a cute little Transformer. If you like articulation and infinite detail, you probably won't like Huffer - he predates that sort of technology. For G1 fans he's a cute little Autobot, one worth picking up - although the more played with specimens often suffer sever chrome wear - 6.5/10

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