Hot Spot Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Hot Spot
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Protectobot Leader
Alternate Mode: Fire Truck

Height: 5cm Length: 15cm Width: 4cm

   A blue fire truck with a white ladder, Hot Spot has black windows, black rubber tyres and black hoses moulded & painted onto his sides. He's got a silver front bumper & grill. I really like the fact they made Hot Spot blue. Sure, he looks good in baby blue, but I also like the fact that it's something different, and it distinguishes him from Inferno, who is the same size. Unusually, Hot Spot has two sets of wheels at the front and one set at the rear.

   The strobes on top are unpainted, but the ladder can lift up and extend. The ladder is actually the same ladder as Inferno's, but it has a rotating base, which Inferno lacked. So it can lift up, extend _and_ swing out to the sides. Sure, aside from that all he does is roll on his wheels, but that's really about all I'd expect, aside from it shooting water (and G2 Inferno proved that's not necessarily worthwhile in terms of play value.

   Hot Spot's rear section is essentially flat, aside from the ladder base, and it has that steel criss-cross grip moulded into it, which is a nice touch. He's also got a rubsign and indent on the back section. You can add Defensor's chestplates to the rear on either side of the ladder base and his fireball cannons can plug into the sides of the truck, making an attack fire truck. It's a pretty odd concept, but it works well enough.

   A good fire truck mode, I like the choice of colours, the play value's also pretty good. Aside from the unpainted strobes on his roof, it's hard to really pick fault here.


   This is essentially the robot mode doing a legspread with the head and hands stowed and some lasers attached to his arms. It works pretty well for what's really an intermediate mode, although it _is_ nothing but an added extra. It's certainly better than the base mode of Silverbolt. The laser arms, which have elbows, are provided specifically for this mode, so it's not just a "lets call this a mode" mode.


   Extend the rear of the truck to form the legs, fold out the halves of the cabin to form the arms and slide pout the fists. Pop out the head, lift up the chest panel and rotate the ladder assembly so the ladder points down. Give him his guns. A simple yet well executed transformation.

Height: 13cm Width: 8.5cm

   Baby blue still dominates, but there's a fair bit of red. He has a black head with deep red eyes and black thighs. His chestplate can be either a straight red (die cast, painted) or a maroon (plastic). I personally prefer the red chestplate in terms of colour, but neither is bad. He's also got red & silver diagonal stripes in various spots - the shoulders, on top of the shoulders, wrists and knees. The colour scheme really works here, and the safety stripes help quite a bit.

   It's worth mentioning that the moulding here is largely a parallel line look, while the truck mode's detail is dominated by circles. I've no idea what the reason for this is, but it gives Hot Spot different feels in his two modes, despite being essentially the same colour in both.

   Poseability is passable. His shoulders rotate 360, and his legs are side-jointed like most Scramble City central pieces, so he can shuffle from side to side. Aside from this, he's got two big and impressive looking fireball cannons. The last thing to mention in terms of play value is that you can swap out his head for Defensor's (which is out of proportion, of course), since it's built into his backpack. Not really a _useful_ feature, but it's fun nonetheless.

   Overall this is a decent robot mode. While it's not as cool as his truck mode, it's got no real flaws apart from a lack of poseability - but he's no worse than any of his contemporaries in that regard anyway.


   Available with a maroon plastic chestplate or a red die cast chestplate. Reissued in 1991 as a Classic, which had the plastic chestplate.


   A pretty decent toy, Hot Spot has a good alt mode, a solid robot mode and a nice colour scheme. Hot Spot's of course necessary for Defensor, and that alone is reason to get him, but he's worthwhile anyway - 7.5/10

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