BotCon Razorclaw Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Razorclaw
Series: Convention Exclusives
Allegiance: Heroic Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Wolf

Height: 4cm Length: 6.5cm Width: 2cm

   A dull yellow wolf, Razorclaw is a repaint of Overbite from the Predator Attack Team. There's some red on his neck and hindlegs while his eyes are black, but Razorclaw is really all about yellow. This yellow brings out the detail of the mould much better than Overbite's black and obviously it's less sinister. There's a silver stamped Decepticon logo on the left side of his ribcage (well, that area). The sculpt is mainly mechanical, although the overall look is still fairly organic. This colour scheme is meant to be reminiscent of the G1 toy of the same name, but the yellow is duller and more dominant, so there's not much semblance.

   Razorclaw's bodyshape is pretty good and the tail curls upwards, giving him a dynamic look. I really like the serrated mane behind his head and the tiny moulded teeth in his mouth. It all adds up to a very dangerous looking little wolf. There's not much play value, which betrays that dynamic look. The hindlegs can swing a little, the knees (technically ankles since he's digitigrade) are hinged and there are powerlinx ports on either hip.

   The brighter colours don't really make Razorclaw look all that heroic, but when you contrast him with Overbite it becomes a little more obvious. I like how the yellow shows up the mould's detailing, but he's still a fairly drab Minicon. While Razorclaw is static, he displays well.


   Rotate the waist, swing up the hindlegs to become robot legs and straighten the legs somewhat. Split the mane/head and pivot out to either side, forming arms and revealing his head and chest.

Height: 6.5cm Width: 4cm

   A dull yellow robot with some red on his thighs and elbows, Razorclaw has a splash of silver on his chest while his head is black with a silver face. Razorclaw's colours are little more "heroic" now, but not much. Again he's very dull, although the red adds some colour at least. The Decepticon logo isn't visible in this mode.

   The arms are kibble, the legs digitigrade - Razorclaw feels like a beast standing up. He's not a disaster, but the arms don't work since they are beast panels before really trying to be arms, and they just don't look like arms since they're curved and get in the way of his chest. The digitigrade legs aren't quite Beast Machines Cheetor-level failures, but the small feet do make him tricky to stand, and that's not helped by the forelegs which simply hang off his back, affecting the centre of gravity.

   It's not a good robot mode and while the colours are more vibrant than those of Overbite, they're not exciting and again the semblance to his G1 namesake is weak. I don't hate this robot mode by any means, but it's very forgettable, which isn't what you want from a convention exclusive.


   None that I'm aware of.


   A nice wolf mode is hampered by a poor robot mode. The colours bring out the detailing better than those on Overbite, but the tribute fails and they're far from memorable. On his own, Razorclaw is a very forgettable repaint and certainly isn't worth tracking down, considering his rarity. He only comes as part of the set anyway, so you'll either get Razorclaw in the set or never miss him. An improvement on Overbite, but not by a whole lot - 6.5/10

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