BotCon 2008 Divebomb Toy Review

Individual Review

Thanks to Tiby for lending me Divebomb for this review.

Name: Divebomb
Series: Convention Exclusives
Allegiance: Heroic Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Eagle

Height: 2.5cm Length: 5cm Width: 13cm

   An orange in a soaring pose, Divebomb has black on the front edges of his outstretched wings, which largely corresponds to the blue on Dreadwing (the original version of this mould). His head is also painted black, which is much better than the awkward red on Dreadwing. Divebomb has a small stamped red Heroic Decepticon logo on his left wing, facing backwards but lacks painted eyes. The soaring eagle shape is pretty good and brown is a good colour choice - but the black paint on his head masks the moulded detailing there and this is exacerbated by the lack of painted eyes.

   Divebomb's overall sculpt is robotic and fairly simple. For the most part it simulates flight feathers on his wings. His poseability is fairly limited, but better than most beast MiniCons. The wingtips can swing in (ie retract) a little while the legs underneath can fold back for a true flying pose. Divebomb can't stand on the legs anyway, needing the tail as a third leg. There are two powerlinx ports underneath his body.

   I like the wingspan - not only are the dimensions impressive, but he really looks lie he's soaring. The feathered look of his sculpt and the little toes on his feet are quite impressive, however I really wish Divebomb had eyes. He is an improvement on Dreadwing, and the colours are a fairly good match for the colours on the original Divebomb.


   Unclip the leading edges of his wings, swing them forward to form robot legs and fold away the wingtips. Split the tail, swing out the tail and trailing wing sections to form a cape. Fold down the beast legs to form robot arms, which also creates a gap for the robot head, which you can flip into position.

Height: 7cm Width: 6cm

   An orange robot with a black head and groin, Divebomb has red eyes and a black face, which really doesn't do much for the Heroic Decepticon idea. The groin is the beast head - and since it ends in a pointed beak it's far too phallic for my liking. The torso is quite small while the cape behind his arms - which reaches down alongside his hips as well as up and out behind his shoulders - is huge.

   The cape is quite majestic and it's a fairly clever way to justify the inevitable kibble a toy like this is going to have. The rest of the wings are folded up in his legs, and the end result is a fairly compact robot mode - considering the shape of his eagle mode.

   The shoulders swing up while the elbows are ball joints which allow his forearms to bend up. The hips are also ball joints, although they don't offer much more than wiggle since there are no ankle or knee joints. He does have small heelspurs, which make him fairly stable - and the hips help his stability. There's a hinge where the black groin attaches to the torso itself, but this hinge isn't part of his transformation and trying to use it will result in the groin popping off anyway.

   I do like the majestic cape, but Divebomb doesn't work as a Heroic Decepticon - he just looks like a regular Decepticon. Overall I like this robot mode, but as a thematic repaint, he needed blue eyes, and perhaps a white face. Some work paint on his torso and the cape would have also helped.


   None that I'm aware of. Since Divebomb was available exclusively at BotCon 2008, he is likely limited to a single production run. He was sold in a souvenir pack with Megatron and Rodimus.


   Two decent modes and a clever transformation make for a decent MiniCon, but the paint job here just doesn't work for the theme. I do like the mould in orange but the robot face is too sinister for a Shattered Glass Decepticon. As on the original, the paint job just isn't very clever. Worthwhile only if you're after the toys he's bundled with - 6.5/10

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