Hepter Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Hepter
Series: Car Robots (RiD)
Allegiance: Destronger
Function: Aerial Staff Officer
Alt Mode: Helicopter
(Recolour of Vortex)

Height: 4.5cm Length: 13cm Width: 9cm (widest length of rotor)

   The helicopter is primarily gunmetal blue fading to white at the bottom (the white is painted). The weapons are red, rotors black (rotor peg is red, BTW). Silver windows. The guns are at the front underneath the cockpit and mounted on either side of the tail.

   Not a bad helicopter, the detailing is OK, although not spectacular. The gun on the front is a nice touch, and both rotors spin freely. Has two wheels under the cockpit and another under the tail - all roll.


   Remove the front gun which will later become his handgun. Pull forward the cockpit, flip it forward 180 degrees and slide it up relative to the helicopter to form the legs. Fold the tail rotor & fins under the tail, extend the tail, split it and fold the halves down to the sides to form the arms. Removing those sideguns is optional - I leave them attached because I'm used to doing so on Vortex (since he appears in the G1 Cartoon with the sideguns on his arms). Removing them exposes the pegs they mount on, anyway. Last rotate the rotor piece 180 degrees.

Height: 8cm, 12cm to top of rotor Width: 5cm, 6.5cm with side guns, 9cm rotortip to rotortip

   Well, you now have a mainly gunmetal blue robot, with red thighs, head & sideguns. His eyes are white, as is detail on his waist. His chest is orange (fairly close to the red, though).

   He has no hands as such, rather outlines of hands inside his arms, which are simply the halves of the tail. This has never bothered me in the slightest, even on Vortex. His feet are the cockpit and move independent of each over to transform, but don't really move in robot mode (while his shoulders are ball joints). His handgun attaches to a post on the inside of his right arm, and if you want he can swing a buzzsaw (the tail rotor) out on his right hand, and a blade (the tail fin) on his left. OK, so these aren't intended features of this toy, but they work quite well.

   The colours are a tad garish, but in a Japanese way, not a G2 way, so it's actually pretty cool. No neon here (c8


Well this is now the fifth incarnation of this mould (Vortex, Classic Vortex, Target Hawk of Battle Gaia, G2 Vortex being the others). Like most of his cousins he lacks the rubsign indent of the original Vortex. Released in RiD, without the white fading (he has arrows instead which don't look as cool), with the rather silly name of "Ro-Tor".

   There are Arctic and desert camo versions of Ro-Tor, from the respective Ruination giftsets.


   By now this mould has been well-trodden, so it's not really anything new there. I personally like this mold - but then I like square peg combiners. The colour scheme beat G2 Vortex and is on par with G1 Vortex, and is very different from both. It's a lot bolder than Target Hawk, who was a military green. The mould is nice as combiner limbs go, the colours are good and he's part of the Car Robots series. And of course if you plan to get Baldigus you'll need Hepter or he's gunna be short an arm. I'm not a big fan of the RiD version - the paint change hurts (and the name more so). Overall, Hepter himself is probably not worth the price you'll pay for him, since he's pretty much restricted to eBay and toy dealers. I would go as far as to say this toy's not worth what I paid for it, but I was trying to combine items to lessen the impact of postage costs (c8 If you can get it for a decent price, it's a decent toy - 7/10

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