Henkei Warpath Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Warpath
Series: Henkei
Allegiance: Cybertron (Autobot)
Alternate Mode: Tank

Height: 2.5cm Length: 7cm Width: 4cm

   A maroon tank with silver painted treads, Warpath is no longer a block, instead he has separate front and rear treads, with the front treads sticking out like pods. The links on the undersides of the treads (and front of the front set) are painted black. The cannon is mid grey while there's an Autobot logo on the side of the left tread pod. The colours are similar to those of the original - maroon with silver, although the layout is a little different, along with the shape. The change in shape means that this mode resembles the original, but the homage isn't all that strong here.

   I'm not really a fan of the tread pods here, but they do stay in place nciely. Oddly, it's the rear treads which wiggle around a little. There are small grey wheels under each pod, although they're so small that he tends to slide along. The cannon can lift up and down, however the turret cannot swing, which is quite disappointing.

   A somewhat disappointing tank mode which feels like it's here to support the robot mode. It's not the mess that Armada Megatron is, but it's below the level of most Henkei Legends alt modes. The odd shape and fixed turret drag him down, but this is clearly still a tank and the colours are those of Warpath, so we get positives here.



Unfold the back to form his legs, fold in the treads to form boots. Stand him up, swing the turret forward to form his chest and flip up the head. Unclip the tread pods and swing down to form arms, flip up the forearms.
Height: 8cm Width: 4.5cm

   A maroon robot with a grey groin and some grey on either side of his chest, Warpath has a distinct grey cannon stick out of his chest (similar to the maroon one on the Minibot). His feet and forearms are black while his hands are maroon. His face is a simple maroon affair with silver eyes. The Autobot logo sits on the outside of his left arm but isn't really obvious here. The colours are again quite close to that of the original, and this time the tribute is very strong, thanks to the mouthplate on his round face and the cannon on his chest.

   I like the face and cannon, and how they resemble the original. Sure, these are slightly awkward features but they're aspects that define the character. While the original also featured odd legs and a single giant foot, this robot mode has well defined legs and individual feet. Essentially the odd features are retained selectively and deliberately, giving Warpath personality and a much improved bodyshape. His poseability is fairly limited - the shoulders and hips are restricted ball joints while his elbows are hinged but can lift up to maybe 20, while the knees are hinged to maybe 15.

   A fairly straightforward robot with limited poseability, but Warpath sports the character distinctive features while managing a much nicer shape than the Minibot managed. The colours suit the character well, also. A good update if not an amazing robot mode.


   None that I'm aware of. There is a Universe 2.0 version, but I'm not aware of any differences.


   While he's not a great legends toy, Warpath is updating a very awkward Minibot into a modern toy with poseability and a better robot mode shape. The colours are good and the robot mode treads the line between deliberately awkward character traits and actually being awkward - it does so quite successfully, too. The vehicle mode is limited and feels like it's there to support the robot mode. He's more one for fans of the character than for selective fans, but as with most Legends toys, the low cost makes Warpath worth picking up - 7/10

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