Hawk Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Eagle Eye (US) / Hawk (Non-US)
Series: "European" Generation 1/Generation 2
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Infiltrator
Alt Mode: Fighter Jet

Height: 5cm Length: 11cm Width: 7cm

   Darkish green jet with black along the top, transparant yellow cockpit and lime green highlights. OK, so you wont see this colour scheme on any real fighter, but it does look pretty good, and despite the lime doesn't really qualify as garish G2. Of course, this toy was technically G1 since it came out in very late G1 outside the United States.

   Hawk is based on either the Dassault Rafale or the EF-2000 Eurofighter Typhoon (both have a similar conceptual original), although several details are closer to the Eurofighter (thanks to Dan for the Eurofighter info). He has a few stickers in this mode, none of which do much for it apart from the gold dragons on the wings which contain G2 Decepticon symbols (at least on Eagle Eye... Hawk may have different stickers). Eagle Eye has the G2 Decepticon symbol under his left wing.

   Three undercarriage wheels (all moulded plastic, none roll, but all retractable), no kibble underneath - it's all convincingly plane-like, even the robot gun looks like a bomb.


   Fairly complex & clever for a toy this size. First remove the silver robot gun. Next fold the front wheel up, and then fold away the two spines on the kneecaps. Push on the wingtips and the wings and engines will fold down 90 degrees. Swing the legs 180 degrees forward and the nose 180 back, fold the front of plane down to form the chestplate and fold down the arms. Re-attach gun and you're done.

Height: 9cm width: 5cm, 7cm if you count the tailfin hanging off his hand.

   Again it's mainly green, with a gold head, transparant yellow face & cockpit on the chest. Black feet & hands, lime knees. The face lights up if there's a light source behind him. Yes that's right the _face_ is transparent yellow. It's one piece. G2's answer to Wheeljack I suppose. Eagle Eye's face isn't as bad as it sounds, it actually looks pretty good, in the same way Wheeljack's face works.

   For what it's worth I have Eagle Eye but I prefer the name Hawk because G1 supplied us with Eagle Eye, a blue FA-18 Micromaster. Either way, Hawk's an unposeable little fellow. The forearms fold up and down - it's part of the transform. Yes, people, this guy has two poseable parts in robot mode and three in jet mode! He can hold his gun, which looks like a pistol with a bomb on it's back. It's okay - it's a handgun so I'm not really that fussed about the bomb on top. At least he can hold it, something the Revered Optimus Prime can't manage..

   The other drawbacks of the robot are the arms. They attach at the elbows. Some can pull this off okay, Sandstorm's shoulders are flush, Hawk's are not. The jet thrusters are moulded to the end of his arms, so his hands are between his arms and his jet thrusters, which looks stupid. Lastly the left forearm has the tailfin sticking out the side.


   Hawk & Eagle Eye have purple G2 stamps in different locations (not sure where it is on Hawk), so they are technically variations, but that's it.


   The robot mode has problems, but is an okay statue and doesn't show G2's tendency to resemble a distress flare. The plane mode is fairly nice, and the transform is good. Not worth searching high and low for - he never made any TF media appearances, but for $5-10 it's decent - 6/10

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