Guzzle Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Guzzle
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Ground Assault
Alternate Mode: Tank

Height: 3cm Length: 8.5cm Width: 4cm

   A greyish brown tank with white treads and a grey barrel, Guzzle has black and yellow striped stickers on the sides, with Autobot logos on these stickers. It's a very drab colour scheme, in fact it's quite boring, although I suppose boring is better than clashing fluorescent colours.

   The moulded detail is actually quite good for a small G1 toy, there's an array of panels and hatches and such on top of this tank, and the treads are clearly moulded. Unlike the other Sparkabots, Guzzle doesn't have a rubsign indent - suggesting he was the last of the three to be designed. There aren't any plastic wheels underneath the treads.

   There's more play value in this vehicle than the other Sparkabot vehicles, too - the turret rotates 360 and the barrel can lift up about 40, which is more than most G1 tanks can do. The whole point of the Sparkabots is the sparking mechanism. There's a rubber tyre underneath Guzzle, which sticks out further than his treads, and if you roll him along with some downward force flames will shoot out of a small hole at the back of the tank - maybe two inches or so. You generally have to push a few times to get it working, since the friction that makes it work is reliant on heavy resistance and it won't work if there's not enough friction. There's a flint (the same as lighter flint) inside, which will eventually wear down, which provides the sparks. More likely to actually wear down is a white gear that transfers the tyre's motion to a flint wheel. A lot of second hand Sparkabots have worn mechanisms. My Guzzle is worn down and no longer sparks at all.

   The whole point of this mode is the sparking mechanism, and while it's kinda cool, it is rather prone to wearing out. It's a decent tank mould for the size, but the colours are about as boring as they could possibly be.


   Extend the rear to form the legs, stand him up and position the arms.

Height: 9cm Width: 4cm

   A white robot with a yellow chest and a blue face, Guzzle's grey barrel sticks up from behind his head. The yellow chest is a little too random, they probably should have used a duller paint colour. It's not awful but doesn't combine that well with the blue facial paint.

   There are no stickers visible in this mode. The chestpiece, which includes the head and shoulder kibble, has four screws visible. The holes are quite deep, but with a white and yellow background they don't blend in well. There are two screws on the shins also and a big one at the top of the thighs, although this one is partially concealed by his groin. There's no gap between the legs at all, the legs and feet are a solid piece. The thighs are about 1/3 the length of the shins, and there's a big black rubber standing out on his shins. The arms are moulded onto the insides of the treads, and swing at the shoulders.

   The swinging shoulders are the only play value in this robot mode, and the colours aren't that good, so it's a mediocre robot mode. While I don't hate Guzzle's robot mode, it doesn't have a lot going for it - keep him in tank mode.


   Recoloured in Japan as Hardspark, but no actual variations as far as I'm aware.


   This is probably the best Sparkabot mould, but that's not saying much. The tank mode is actually pretty good, all things considered, but Guzzle's robot mode is poor. If he had better colours in robot mode, I'd actually recommend him. As it is, I won't recommend against him, but unless you get him for a dollar or so, you can safely skip Guzzle - 3.5/10

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