Generations Select Tentakil Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Tentakil
Series: Generations Select
Allegiance: Destron
Alternate Mode: Squid

Height: 16c Width: 11cm

   A light pink, blue and magenta bipedal squid monster, Tentakil has yellow eyes, a grey "mask" around the eyes, red lips and silver teeth. Okay, so it's a rather humanoid face (and set of teeth), but then he's a robotic squid monster - and this look and cool scheme match G1 (although the red lips are new). He has eight pink tentacles sticking out to the sides and two blue legs underneath. The colours are at once unusual and garish - but they're in keeping with the Season theme, so they work well enough.

   While most of the Generations Selects Seacons are retools (or have engineering based on) the POTP Terrorcons, Tentakil is an outlier. He shares some parts with POTP Moonracer - but that toy turns into car. He's the most unique of the set - there's no hint of a car mode here. I guess since there was no way to easily start with a Terrorcon design, so they started elsewhere (and this end result just shares some parts).

   His play value here is pretty much what you'd expect of a bipedal squid monster. His hips swing, but given he stands upright this doesn't give much poseability - he can only pivot so far before he'll topple. The tentacles on either side can move around - three on each side are a single pink piece that can swing backwards while the last pair (the lowest set) are on multiple ball joints, being the robot arms. The twin blue guns can plug into holes on either side of the top of the head (mantle), and point forward or up. They can also plug into holes on the uppermost tentacles or clip into posts behind the mantle. I prefer the holes on the mantle, but your mileage may vary. At any rate, it's good that we have options with the guns - it makes up for a relative lack of poseability, and while that's understandable, he does feel a little static compared to his teammates.

   I probably don't come across positive enough about Tentakil's squid mode. I actually quite like it, despite the odd colours and a relative lack of play value. The G1 tribute is strong & the changes we see here enhance things. The guns give him enough play value and well, it's just such an unusual and unique alternate mode which they've made work.


   This is a difficult transformation to describe, so I am summarising. The beast mode is essentially the robot standing on its head - the mantle of the squid splits and rotates to become his legs, while the face becomes a backpack. There's a trick to getting his head out - you have to do it before you rotate the beast face onto his back (you then rotate the legs around again). The lowest tentacles become the arms, as mentioned. The legs, face and remainder of his tentacles end up on his back.

Height: 14cm Width: 8cm

   A predominantly magenta robot, Tentakil has blue thighs, firearms and hands while his feet are pink, along with the outsides of this boots. There's some pink and blue on his rather hefty backpack, along with painted blue on his forearms and torso. He sports a small Destron logo on his chest and his face is painted gold (including the eyes). It's a similar colour scheme to G1, but with more definition. It looks pretty good - but there's a certain femininity to this robot mode shape; he's slender with a narrow waist (and I suspect this is partly because there's a Scylla repaint coming) - and while I have nothing against pink, the shape combines with the colour to make Tentakil look quite feminine. I'm not sure this was the intention.

   The colour scheme works well, the paint job is good... but boy does Tentakil have a backpack. The beast head, legs and most of the tentacles hang off there, and while he stands okay, it's the sort of backpack we saw on... well... G1 Seacons. It's about as elegant as bunch of beast kibble can be, thankfully.

   Tentakil's play value is decent. His twin blue guns plug into either hands. At a glance it would seem they can meaningfully plug into holes behind his head; but they can't. They can, however combine into a single gun by clipping together on the top edges. While this is designed for the Targetmaster weapon mode, it works nicely as a handheld weapon here. There's also a metallic pink blade weapon (part of King Poseidon's sword) which looks good in either hand. Poseability is good thanks to a range of ball joints - his hips, shoulders and elbows are ball joints, along with the neck which is fairly restricted. His waist is fixed while there are two hinges per knee and rotators in his thighs. Tentakil has ankle tilts and rotators, rounding out posebaility which iOS very good for a deluxe.

   A solid robot mode with great play value thanks to useful weapon and good poseability. Tentakil has bright colours, a hint of femininity and... a giant backpack that manages to not get in the way of stability.


   None that I'm aware of. He forms the left leg of King Poseidon.


   The most unique of the Generations Selects Seacons, Tentakil isn't based on a Terrorcon - there's some common parts with Moonracer and that's it. Both modes work well visually and while the squid mode is a litter static, the robot mode makes up for this. While he has some flaws, none really hold him back - this is a just a good deluxe that makes the most of the unusual visual styling of the original G1 toy - 9/10

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