Generations Select Overbite Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Overbite
Series: Generations Select
Allegiance: Destron
Alternate Mode: Shark Monster

Height: 10cm Length: 18cm Width: 9cm (all will depend on pose)

   A turquoise, purple and magenta shark monster - and those colours are mixed up, but match those of the G1 toy. The colours are garish... but all three colours are good matches to those of G1. There are turquoise and purple painted areas along with plastics of all three colours; and the shades are the same. Unusually for a modern deluxe, he doesn't sport an allegiance symbol on this shark mode. He has yellow eyes & a couple of other minor painted details. It's the sort of colour scheme you love or hate - and I happen to like it - but I am happiest that they've nailed Overbite's colours.

   While most of the Generations Select Seacons share parts with earlier toys (many wth POTP Terrorcons), Overbite is very much a retool of Rippersnapper. The head & associated backplate (where the dorsal fin sits) and lower legs are newly tooled, but the rest of this shark is actually the same. The lower legs are a very different shape - so while Rippersnapper stands more or less upright, Overbite cannot - and this really does a lot to make this figure work as Overbite. The head is in line with the body, unlike the head being at (roughly) 90 degrees on Rippersnapper - I'm impressed that minimal retooling has made this mould work so well for both G1 characters.

   Play value here is pretty much what you'd expect. His purple handgun can plug into a hole on top of his head (something Rippersnapper doesn't have) or two holes above his shoulders. You can also plug his metallic silver sword into any of these spots - and it works well enough visually... ignoring from the fact that a sword mounted to the side of a shark isn't terribly useful. His shoulders, elbows and hips are ball jointed while his ankles have hinges (he lacks knees). His tail is on a hinge, and while it's a transformation joint, it does allow some movement before it starts to look like it's detaching.

   A clever retooling that really does manage to be purely Overbite - and with his signature garish colours. The play value is decent and the paint job is understated but well executed.


   Unclip and fold out the lower front of the beast, then pivot the lower back down; clip these together to form his boots, rotate the waist. Split the boots, fold away the tail halves as heelspurs. Fold back his beast feet & clip the beast knees onto small posts on the outsides of his boots. Reposition the arms, rotate the claws to form his hands. Unclip and fold back the beast head, revealing the robot head - rotate to reveal his face.

   The retooling of his back means it may be easier to unclip the beast head first giving more clearance for his boots - though you CAN follow the steps in the order above.

Height: 15cm Width: 7cm

   Overbite is, again, a mixture of purple, turquoise and magenta, wth the purple now dominant. His boots and head are turquoise - along the the centre of his chest and the sides of his waist. His upper arms and the beast claws on his hands are magenta while there's gold patches on his shoulders. His face is also gold, with red eyes, and there's a Destron logo on his chest. The colours are again close to G1 - although the turquoise and magenta beast head behind the robot head is different (in G1, the beast head formed his feet). It's again a rather garish colour scheme, but again it fits Overbite well.

   The retooling is less prominent here - the only robot mode specific parts which been redone are his head and the chest patch. Sure, the beast head behind his head is retooled, but you don't really notice that so much - so he's much closer to Rippersnapper now. That said, the layout of colours and paint job here is very different to his Terrorcon counterpart, which is good. There's far less colour on the torso - Overbite relies more on his three main colours whereas Rippersnapper does a lot more with his paint job. So while the sharing of the mould is obvious, the designer has done as much as possible to give him a different look.

   Overbite's play value is pretty good. The turquoise gun and pink sword can be wielded in either hand. His neck, shoulders, elbows and hips are ball jointed while his knees are hinged with rotators and his waist rotates. He lacks ankle tilts - a by-product of the shark tail having to fold into his boots, I suspect. The tail though, makes for excellent heel spurs, giving Rippersnapper a very wide range of dynamic posing - and his wrists rotate as well, so he can wield his two cannons in all sorts of stable poses. They've secured his shoulders in place - unlike the held-by-tension shoulders of Rippersnapper.

   A good robot mode, and while the colour are garish, they've done a good job of making this robot mode Overbite - it doesn't feel like a repaint or retool of someone else. It's a great improvement on the odd proportions of G1, but still feels like the same guy. Both weapons are useful and he has good poseability, rounding out a good robot mode.


   None that I'm aware of. He will be seeing a repaint as Sea Phantom. Forms the Target Master gun (or a limb) for King Poseidon.


   A good update of the character, Overbite takes someone else's mould with relatively few - but well planned - changes to the mould, and his signature colours & the end result is very much the purple Seacon. Both modes are strong, the colours are garish but accurate and the weaponry is useful. It's easy to forget that 90% of the mould wasn't originally Overbite, that's how well they did changing that 10 percent. Recommended if you like Seacons, and the Combiner Wars style of toy more broadly - 9/10

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