Grandslam Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Grandslam
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Audio Correspondent
Alternate Mode: Microcassette or tank (depending how you look at it)

Height: 3cm Length: 5cm Width: 0.5cm

   A brick red microcassette with gold painted sticker details on one side. Like all the other Transformer cassettes, he's got side "A" on the top right, as well as "60" on the right (indicating that he's a 60 minute cassette), and the word "METAL" below this, indicating his chemistry. There are two spool holes in this toy, with painted teeth, rather than the moulded teeth of previous Autobot cassettes. He also has moulded tape inside the tape window, which is a little odd since tapes don't actually have a gap you can feel between the two tape loops.

   While the painted teeth are a regression, the change from the earlier stickers to paint is a good move, since while the foil stickers tended to peel, paint isn't going anywhere. Unfortunately for Grandslam, there are huge gaps on either side of the spools, making this tape mode a poor one. He also sports an upside-down Autobot symbol below the tape window, which looks pretty stupid.

   It's a fairly simple mode to do, and by this stage they'd had plenty of practice, so there's not really any excuse for the visual flaws in Grandslam's tape mode. If it had proper teeth, I might say it's on par with that of Steeljaw, but since they're just painted, I'd say this is the worst of the 16 Transformer cassette modes.


   Laughable, and pointless if you don't have his weaponry. Flip the central section out and up, swing the sides underneath this central section, which now a turret of sorts. Rotate the little grey things to form quasi-cannons. If you don't have his weapons, you've completed his tank mode, although it's little more than a lump. If you do, attach the short guns to his spools and the longer one clips into the right side small gun, becoming his central barrel.

Height: 3cm Length: 5cm Width: 3cm

   The sound you can hear is the other fifteen tapes laughing at how ridiculous Grandslam's primary mode is. It's a red block with tape detail _still visible_, with another lump on top at the back and a bunch of weapons tacked on so we can call it a tank.

   The gold paint is clearly visible on main section of the tank, and you can see the tape loops. Behind this is the Autobot symbol - which is now the right way up. The turret does not turn, although the small grey cannons swing up and down and the main cannon can swing from about 30 down to 10 up. Yay, he can't fire long range, but Grandslam's perfectly capable of blowing himself up!

   There are moulded treads on either side of the main section, but they're not so well defined, and hard to spot since they're unpainted. These treads are what makes Grandslam a tank - nothing else is specifically tank-like, and the gold paint is counter-productive in this respect.

   I don't really know what else to say about this tank mode. It's pathetic for the primary mode of a Transformer. Sure, Raindance is a little dull, but his plane mode is decent considering. Even taking the fact this thing combines to form Slamdance, it's still a poor tank mode. The only plus is that it features chrome, which was fairly uncommon at the stage of G1.


   None that I'm aware of. Sold with Raindance, and pretty much always associated with him, since they combined to form Slamdance.


   The tape mode is poor and the tank mode is a joke. Add to this the fact that he has no robot mode, and Grandslam's very forgettable. The only reason you'd get him is so you can form Slamdance, and even then I'm not going to say he's worth it since he tends to go for more than most Transformer cassettes thanks to relative scarcity - 1/10

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