God Neptune Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: God Neptune
Series: Beast Wars Second
Allegiance: Destron
Function: Sea Pirate
Alternate Mode: N/A - Gestalt comprising Coelagon, Halfshell, Scylla, Sea Phantom & Terrormander.

Thanks to Demonac for loaning me God Neptune for this review (I have since acquired God Neptune)

Since these toys were only sold as a set I've decided to simply review them as a set. While the individual toys are separate characters, and one (Scylla) was even a female character, I'm reviewing the set since that's how the toys are usually sold. God Neptune is a Beast Wars Second exclusive, so the odds of finding individual components loose outside Japan are low. The toys are 5/6ths of the Seacons, so I've included links to my individual Seacon reviews for more detail on each mould.

(Repaint of Skalor)

   A gold, white and grey repaint of Skalor, Coelagon is just as unrealistic as a Coelacanth as Skalor, although probably a little more tasteful. The gold is mainly restricted to the fish mode, the robot mode is mainly white and grey with some silver, making it very boring - its pink eyes are the only colour. With unrealistic colours in fish mode, a dull robot mode and the worst mould of the set this toy is really only worthwhile as part of the set.

(Repaint of Snaptrap)

   The most interesting of the set colourwise, Halfshell uses a metallic pine green where Snaptrap was pink or black, white where Snaptrap was green while the wings hanging out the back are copper coloured. Again there's grey on this toy here and there, along with a Predacon (Destron, actually) rub symbol on his head. The robot mode is mainly pine green with white and grey arms and a silver face with red eyes. This is the best colour scheme of the individual components, which I suppose makes sense since this is the best mould.

(Repaint of Tentakil)

   A grey and white squid with a copper face, Scylla has red lips just in case you didn't know she's meant to be female. The copper makes the colour scheme here the most interesting of the limbs' but the lips are a little silly. Sadly the robot mode is very spartan, with some gold here and there on a toy that's mainly white with grey boots and red eyes. Still, this is probably the best robot mode of the limbs, so Scylla is the best of the limbs here and would be worthwhile on her own.

(Repaint of Overbite)

   Another white limb, this time with a lot of silver and not much grey, Sea Phantom has a copper dome on the beast head and red eyes in both modes. There's actually quite a lot of silver paint here, but the overall colour scheme is, like Coelagon's, very bland - Sea Phantom is not really worthwhile on his own.

(Repaint of Seawing)

   White and very light metallic blue, Terrormander has big orange eyes, gold cheeks and some copper paint here and there, making his colours distinct from the other limbs, although the orange eyes and copper make it a little garish. The robot mode is blue, white and gold with black eyes, again it's more interesting than some of the colours but this scheme doesn't really work and the robot mode is weak anyway.

Height: 22cm Width: 22cm (depending on who forms the arms, this will vary)

   Halfshell forms the central unit while Scylla and Coelagon form legs and Terrormander and Sea Phantom arms, making for a very unified gestalt in white, pine green, grey and copper. His sword is copper while his face is silver with red eyes on a white head. The fists and feet are pine green and the holes in the fists are square despite this set missing the sixth small toy (Nautilator) that was used as a Targetmaster. There are gold paint details here and there rounding out a well done colour scheme which is strikingly different to that of Piranacon.


   None that I'm aware of.


A good set with a unified colour theme that's well balanced and different, God Neptune is a great substitute for Piranacon even if one of the components is missing - they've skipped the weakest component in Nautilator. As a repaint set it's probably not worth the eBay prices you'll pay but this is certainly a great set - 8/10

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