Gnaw Toy Review Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Gnaw
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Assault Sentry
Alternate Mode: Robotic Shark

Height: 12cm Length: 20cm Width: 13.5cm

   A grey, purple, blue and light grey robotic land shark with big round light green eyes and a mouth full of chrome silver teeth. His body is mainly dark grey on top and light grey underneath while his tail and claws are mid blue. The legs are similarly dark grey with light grey feet and blue claws. The purple comes in two similar shades and is concentrated around his mouth. It's a fairly varied colour scheme yet it's well put together and the end result is a rather tasteful if unorthodox colour set.

   This is far from an actual shark on both shape and intent. The body tapers away from the large head, Gnaw has thin arms with claws emanating from just behind his face. The legs stick out to the sides before turning down, similar to those of a reptile. The tail is a thin affair with a spiky ball at the tip. Thematically Gnaw works quite well and this shark mode is very accurate to the Sharticons from Transformers: the Movie, whom this toy represents.

   There's not a lot of play value here, which is to be expected I suppose, but then he does have some articulation. The hips swing, allowing the body to rock back and forward. The shoulders also rotate, allowing the foreclaws to move up and down. The lower jaw also hinges, but this is as part of the transformation and opening the mouth only reveals the robot head inside.

   My only real complaint about this shark mode is how vulnerable it is to lost pieces. Tailless Gnaws are common on the secondary markets - and tails on their own horrendously rare, while the foreclaws aren't all that difficult to break off, again Gnaw missing foreclaws aren't hard to find. It's a very good reproduction of the Sharkticons we saw in TFTM, and is well put together for what it is.


   Both simple and sensible, with nothing terribly inventive. Remove the tail and set aside. Extend the robot legs underneath the shark and flip up his feet. Slide back the upper jaw to reveal the robot head and fold down the lower jaw to form his collar. Swing back the foreclaws and swing back the shoulderplates. Slide the shark legs up to form the robot arms, fold up the claws and slide out his hands. Give Gnaw his mace and gun.

Height: 15.5cm Width: 13cm

   Again mainly grey, although the darker grey is maninly on his back now so the light grey comes into it's own on his torso and forearms. Gnaw does still have some dark grey on his upper arms and helmet, with a light grey face and red eyes. The legs, fists and collar are purple while his feet are blue. The colours are again unified and are slightly duller overall here.

   This is a strangely shaped robot mode, but this is deliberate, not just a case of lazy design. The torso is the back half of the shark's body, giving Gnaw an apple shaped body. The out and down shark legs make for brutish arms, perfect for a dim-witted sentry like Sharkticon (or a bouncer). The curved tail works very well as a mace weapon, with the ball dangling menacingly. The result of all of this is that Gnaw is one ugly Decepticon, but this is fine by me - he's meant to be brutish and gruff. His head proportionally huge, which is the aspect of the design that bothers me at all.

   The play value is again limited, but Gnaw is no less poseable than a lot of G1 toys. His shoulders rotate as do the elbows, which allows the fists to turn. The end result is a distinctive robot mode that's again a good representation of the Sharkticons from the movie, which makes a good display piece.


   No major variations, although there are variations in the placement of his arm screws.


   Gnaw is a great replication of the Sharkticons we saw in Transformers: The Movie. On that account, he does what he's really designed to do. Gnaw is an unusual Transformer visually, and whether or not you appreciate his unusual shape will really come down to your interest in the movie. For more committed G1 fans Gnaw is worth picking up for his movie accuracy, but more casual fans will find him an odd and limited toy - 6/10

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