Gildo Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Gildo
Series: Car Robots (RiD)
Allegiance: Destronger
Function: ??
Alternate Mode: Flying Squirrel
(Note: this is a case fresh review - I've just opened this toy)

Height: 4cm Length: 19cm Width: 10cm

   Gildo is a light blue, grey and silver flying squirrel. The wings, legs and head are blue, the claws and tail tip are grey with silver on the back and parts of the wings - this silver corresponds with the moulded fur parts. The turbines are red and the eyes orange. The chrome parts - neck, wing edges and tail are gold - it's more of a champagne gold than yellow gold. It looks pretty good, in fact I'd go as far as to say this looks better than Nightglider in colour scheme. The claws on the front sort of "sit" there on the front of the wings. They can actually move on ball & socket joints (they also have elbows) and reach forward, although it looks kind of funny. The head doesn't move, the tail has two fold joints at the base and the legs have pretty much full movement thanks to ball joints needed for the robot mode, although a lot of the poses are pretty unnatural since the legs attach under the wings and are way too long. He's not much to look at from below, where the robot head and torso can be seen, as well as the hands and legs - although in his defence the underside is pretty much all blue anyway so it's not like the robot head is a beacon.


   Remove the tail tip. Turn it over and flip the robot torso & legs up over the squirrel head. Swing out the robot head. Press down on the gold plate on the squirrel neck till it gives, flip the robot body until it sits against the spine of the squirrel mode. Turn the head around so he faces forward. Fold down the arms. Fold the tail and squirrel claws behind the wings. Position the arms, position the feet and give him back his tail tip as the sword.

Height: 10cm Width: 9.5cm wingspan

   Gildo is far more blue in this mode, with very little silver showing. His robot itself is almost entirely blue - the thighs, upper arms and sword are grey, the head and groin have elements of crimson (the face is crimson with pink eyes). Oh yes and he has a pink spark crystal on the chest. This is where Gildo differs from his Anglophone cousin - he has a Destron spark crystal, not a Cybertron one. Gildo still has gold showing on his wings, which form a swept back cape (complete with a gold hood behind his head), and the red turbines on the wings are visible. He has quite a good robot form in terms of poseability. The shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, ankles and head are all ball joints, making this guy very poseable. Oh and he has a swivel waist. The wings swept back means that his arms aren't restricted and that he's back heavy. He does suffer a tendency to keel over backwards, but the heelspurs and ankle joints make standing him easy enough as long as you're aware of the backpack. All the joints are tight too so posing and standing work well. Yes I know this is a case fresh toy, but I got it with J-Four who's neck joint is loose. The blue theme works for me, and with the poseability and cape, this is a robot mode that works. Lastly, the sword is one that actually works as both sword and tail - unlike many Beast Wars era tail weapons.


   He's a recolour of the Anglophone Nightglider, Gildo was released in RiD under the name Dark Scream.


   Well the old argument of recolours aside, this is a sweet toy. The colours all work well, he looks both evil and trendy. The squirrel mode is not without it's problems, most of which relate to it's limbs - but it's a nice statue. The robot mode is the strength of this guy, however. Good colours, good poseability and good weapon combine for a terrific robot. It helps Gildo is based on (in my opinion) the best Transmetal II basic, but the colour schemes add a lot to this guy. If you can get him for retail as I did, I'd recommend him. Even taking the fact he's a recolour into account I'd still recommend him to a lesser extent, since as mentioned the colours really add a lot to Gildo. If the animal mode had better limbs I'd be tempted to give him a perfect score, instead Gildo comes in at 9/10

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