Ghost Starscream Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Starscream
Series: e-Hobby exclusives
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Air Commander
Alternate Mode: F-15 Eagle Jet

Note: This is a limited edition eHobby version of Starscream. It was sold with Black Starscream, which I do not own (nor plan to). This is comparison only, for a full review of Starscream, see the review of the regular toy.

Height: 7.5cm Length: 21cm Width: 15.5cm

   A transparent jet plane with a transparent yellow cockpit, red stickers on the wings, transparent blue tainfins and light blue rubberised nose. The tops of the air intakes are red-painted metal, but there's silver stickers which conceal this (I recommend leaving the stickers off here - I have). Like all seekers, he's got big Decepticon stickers on the wings and a smaller one on the nose (which I didn't apply). Also, just behind the left air intake there's a rubsign.

   The blue used, despite being transparent, is different to the standard Starscream blue, being closer to the show colours (the nose colour is the same as on the TCS Starscream). The red paint on his air intakes is almost a crimson and has a sheen, unlike the flat red on the regular toy. Oh and the regular toy has a smoky cockpit, not yellow.

   The choice of colours here is great. The only non-transparent parts are the rubberised nose, the black bits to which his arms and wings attach and the metallic air intakes. The clear and blue transparent plastic, yellow cockpit, along with the lighter blue, helps him really pull of the "Ghost" Starscream of the cartoon. And it just looks cool anyway.


   Same as the regular version, not surprisingly.

Height: 14cm Width: 15cm

   Again largely transparent, the metallic chest and black face are the only solid bits in this mode. If you hold him up to a light you'll see the black bits inside his thighs and chest (under the cockpit), but the illusion still works. The face is solid black, not the grey of the cartoon. The eyes are gold, as on the original. I applied most of the stickers in this mode - but left the feet stickers off since the feet are transparent.

   The colours here are again more show accurate than the original - the lighter blue and yellow cockpit really do their job. The missile launchers are more prominent and the fists are transparent blue. I'd probably say this mode seems to have a greater degree of transparency, which is probably because the nose is no longer visible. Again, it _looks_ like it's meant to be the ghost from the TV show, and again, it looks great.


   Limited to a single production run.


   As with all limited edition toys, it'll come down to how you want to spend your money. I skipped most of Takara's clear eHobby toys, but this I had to get. Aside from the black connecting bits, he's as clear as he could be, and the colour changes (blue shade, yellow cockpit) really work in his favour. It really works as the ghost from the cartoon and looks great. Assuming you're willing to pay for this toy, I give it 9/10 - losing a point for the solid black plastic.

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