Omega Prime Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Omega Prime
Series: Robots in Disguise
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: None - Gestalt comprised of RiD Optimus Prime and RiD Ultra Magnus

Height: 32.5cm Width: 19cm

   Being a fusion of Magnus and Prime, it make sense that Omega Prime is a fusion of white, red, grey, silver and blue. The chest is the chromed bumper of Ultra Magnus, which is blue silver and gold - the gold chromed Autobot symbol is central on his chest, and is matched by gold antennae on his red and silver head. The forearms and hands are white, the legs a fusion of all of his colours. Ultra Magnus' wings sit on his back, and there are twin blue posts behind his head for you to attach Ultra Magnus' giant gun assembly.

   Since he's a combination of two large, detailed toys, this guy has detailing all over. The core of the toy is Prime's smaller robot, with Magnus' torso forming the chestplate, head and backpack. Magnus' legs form his feet and shins, while the forearms are Magnus' forearms. While Prime doesn't need to do much to allow this combination, all of the extras require significant transformation. It's a testament to the designers that Magnus on his own is a decent Transformer considering how much he has to devote to this mode.

   The head is on a ball joint, the elbows bend and rotate while the shoulders are fixed thanks to the giant shoulderpads above them, linked to the torso. The hips and knees are hinged with rotators, while the ankles twist and the toes rotate. The leg poseability is actually meaningful, thanks to the poseable feet. He's very top-heavy though, so you have to make sure the toy is stable before standing a posed Omega Prime on the table. Both battery compartments are in the torso, so he'll be more top-heavy if you have the batteries installed (which I do not).

   It's possible to attach the extra armour used for Super Optimus Prime - although the designer never really intended it. The feet become missile racks on the outsides of his boots (and look great there), the forearms unfold to form armour skirts on his hips, the shoulderpads enhance the wings and the ladder-head assembly folds up to form a giant forearm-mounted water cannon. The last part isn't terribly stable, and only the missile racks look planned, but it's nice that this is possible.


   The Japanese version, God Fire Convoy, which came first, has metallic red plastic.


   This combined mode isn't inherently better than Optimus' large robot mode, although it's a little larger. If you have both toys, then this is an extra dimension to the pair. If you only have Optimus Prime, then I wouldn't go out and grab Magnus just for this combination. If you only have Magnus, get Optimus Prime - who is a great toy and you have this option. More of a bonus than anything else, but without the extra additions this super robot is a little more stable than Prime's large robot mode since it doesn't have to accommodate the ladder - 7/10

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