Getaway Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Getaway
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Warrior
Alternate Mode: Mazda RX-7

Height: 4cm Length: 15cm Width: 6.5cm

   A white Mazda RX-7 with claret front and rear windows, a grey front bumper and navy blue spoiler. The tyres are black plastic with silver rings around the black hubcaps. These rings are chromed, along with the engine (which I'll come to in a moment). This is a decent colour scheme for the most part, but the choice of black stickers for side windows looks out of place - especially if your Getaway is missing the stickers as mine is.

   I'm not a huge fan of the Powermaster concept, I'll admit, but Getaway escapes (no pun intended!) relatively unscathed. There's a somewhat obvious panel on the hood where the engine clips in, which breaks up this mode to some degree but doesn't look as bad as some Powermaster sockets. A red, grey and claret block, fits in fairly well and with a chrome pewter-like engineblock on top, which does a convincing job of souping up Getaway's car mode. It slopes forward a little, but still works well enough to keep me happy.

   Aside from the engine option, you can also attach his gun, there's a hole on top of the roof. The wheels spin, although Getaway rides very low so he wont roll too well.

   The moulded detail on this mode is fairly good for a late G1 toy that's attempting a realistic disguise, although nothing on a Diaclone toy (there's really no comparison with Camshaft, the other Autobot RX-7). The engine option actually works, which can't be said for all Powermasters - and doesn't look forced like some. The unpainted side windows are the main thing that bugs me about an otherwise decent car mode.

   Rev has a grey torso, grey head, with a yellow face and claret arms & legs. His boots are a little bulky but otherwise his proportions are quite good. The chrome sits on his backpack now, but peeks out over his shoulders.


   Making sure Rev is attached, fold down the front of the car. If you're missing Rev, you'll have to press down on a small blue button just in front of the windshield. Pull the back out a few millimetres and fold out. Swing forward the doors, rotate the roof and windshield to form his chest. Rotate the legs, flip out his feet. Swing down the arms and flip out his hands. Press down on the head to pop it out from within the torso.

Height: 15cm Width: 14cm

   Again mainly white, with white shoulderpads, chest and boots. The head, groin, thighs and feet are grey while his arms and the spoiler on his knees are blue. The face is yellow and the gun blue. This robot mode is awash with car elements, reminiscent of Diaclone robot modes - the chest is the roof and windshield, the boots the back of the car. This is easily the better looking mode, partly because the broken-up hood is on his back and partly because of the car aspects (which were rare in the 1988 assortment).

   The boots are separate pieces but do not actually come apart, while the arms can lift out to the sides and the elbows bend. I appreciate the arm poseability, the elbow joints don't need to be there for his Transformation. Otherwise this is more or less a statue, but then that's no different to other toys of the era (in fact, better than many).

   For what it is this is a pretty good robot mode. The abundance of alt mode aspects really make it work, and the colours certainly help. The play value is limited but not unexpected, and beats that of other Powermasters. His face is a little simple, just eyes and a mouthplate, but at the least in yellow this detail is clearly visible.


   None that I know of. Zetoca is a repaint of Rev.


   I've never really been able to get too excited about the Powermasters on the whole, but Getaway is one of the best of the set. The car mode is reasonable without being anything special, but the add on engine works quite well and Rev himself is pretty good. The robot mode is the real highlight, with a focus on alt mode aspects that was simply missing from many late G1 toys. If you like Powermasters, you should like Getaway - 6.5/10

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